My Thoughts on E-shisha (Electronic Shisha, E-Shisha Pens & E-Shisha Sticks)

For those who dont know about e-shisha, its similar to electronic cigarettes in many ways and gets its name from the original shisha, which was flavoured tobacco traditionally smoked through a pipe. The smoking of regular shisha began in the Middle East, mainly Pakistan and India but soon spread to other countries, this popularity led to an electronic version that everyone seems to love today. E-shisha is often called hookah and comes in the form or a pen or stick; however, they are the same thing. An e-shisha pen will typically be smoked in the same way as a cigarette, although they can come with no or very little nicotine so they are ideal for non-smokers, as well as smokers.

E-shisha is very trendy, particularly among young and fashionable people and the product has been a huge success. People can enjoy a variety of flavours and get the realistic sense they are smoking a cigarette, with the main difference being the lack of real tobacco. e-hookah sticks can be disposable or refillable and the e-liquid refills work in the same way as with an electronic cigarette, but one big difference is that shisha tends to produce much greater amounts of smoke and lasts considerably longer than most e-cigs.

The modern e-shisha pens are significantly different to the electronic versions but the concepts of tasting great flavours and producing a lot of smoke has been passed on. Although the e-shisha doesnt contain any tobacco so the smoke is created using some chemicals, most of which are harmless and far less risky than cigarette tobacco. I get the impression that e-hookah sticks are designed to give a much more impressive feel to the user, unlike e-cigs that dont really produce much “smoke” at all. Of course, they share a common trait with e-cigs in being allowed indoors and in public areas since they dont contain any real smoke, however, with their popularity is sure to come unnecessary legislation regarding their use indoors, in my opinion.

E-shisha seems to be a lot more successful than electronic cigarettes and I think thats because it targets non-smokers just as much as smokers, offering lots of nicotine free hookah sticks, or some with very little nicotine. There is an option to buy different strengths of nicotine levels for smokers, as with e-cigs, so they share that similarity with e-cigs too. Another notable difference between the two is e-shisha looks a lot trendier with bright colours and fashionable designs, plus the flavours tend to taste a lot better than with e cigs. Its rather ironic that e-shisha has such a name because it doesnt bare much resemblance to real shisha. There is no pipe or tobacco, both of which are the main elements of real shisha, despite that though e-shisha is an overwhelming success and many retailers report going out of stock quickly even when e-shisha was new and although e-cigs are popular, I dont recall e-cigs ever being out of stock, not in my experience anyway.

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