When visiting the island of Barbados, it is best to be prepared and ready so that you can enjoy all the beauty and wonder the island has to offer. The island of Barbados is one of the many Caribbean islands that is being visited annually by millions of tourist all over the world. It has beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine that are only unique to Barbados.

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, has some historical places for you to visit. You can go to the Barbados Museum which is found in St. Michael Parish and is open every day for public viewing. A former British Military Prison, it now houses a legacy that covers the entire history of Barbados and its people. The Careenage, once a port for ships, now houses various restaurants, boutiques and bars that are set in period era buildings to make you relive the experience of the olden times. The Parliament which is near the Trafalgar Square is also open to the public during parliament season.

When it comes to touring sites and sceneries, Bridgetown has the Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour to offer. Known for having the best kind of rum in all of Barbados, you can see how rum is made from scratch to finished product in the distillery. There are three types of tours being offered, the Standard tour which takes 45 minutes shows you the entire distillery.

The second, known as the Cocktail tour happens every Wednesday afternoon and includes a cocktail making contest. The Lunch tour which includes an outdoor Bajan lunch is made through reservation only. If you are an avid fan of cricket, you can watch a game at the Kensington Oval to see and feel the excitement of playing like the West Indies cricket. You can also visit the Barbados Derby Day or the Barbados Gold Cup Day to see how horse racing in Barbados is done. When you want to meet people and visit nightclubs, you can go to Harbour Lights Bar. For B$40 you can enjoy the music, drink and party the night away with other tourist and travelers.

Although most of Bridgetown’s sites are within walking distance, you can hire cheap Barbados holiday rentals to help you explore other towns and see offsite sceneries. There are holiday rentals in Barbados that will take you to other places like the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, go scuba diving and snorkeling with sea turtles or even an island tour to see the stunning scenery while eating delicious Bajan food.

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