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Creating a new website can be rather daunting for the new designer. There are so many things to learn and various important features to remember. Plus, with the ever changing advancements in online technology, it is no wonder people are in a tizzy. There are certain aspects that do stay the same across these changes in social media and website design. This article will examine the five essential actions one must take in order to design and develop effective and successful websites.

1. Design and develop an app
In recent years the concept of the app has become incredibly popular. Mobile phone apps have made it simpler for consumers to browse different websites whilst continuing with daily lives. They have reached such a level of popularity that laptops and notebooks now run off software designed around the app.

When designing an app for a particular website it is important to keep the simplicity of an app in mind. While you are trying to incorporate various factors and aspects of the site into the app, it should as user-friendly as possible for both you and the consumer. One needs to be able to peruse inventory, review the whole site, track all the deals on offer and learn about any new packages being released at the touch of a button. These mobile apps should also be able to assist in brand recall and increase the online presence of your business.

The purpose of a mobile app is to allow any individual to access the product on the go. When designing the app you must ensure that it operates on any internet connection, both the slower and higher speeds. This allows potential consumers to access the app from any location at any time of day. It has been noted that mobile apps and internet browsing will overtake PC browsing in the near future. This is the reason behind essential mobile app creation for your business.

2. Ensure usage on all technological devices
If you have not developed an app for your business, it is necessary for the website to be available to all technological devices from PCs to smartphones. Although the consumer will still utilise a home PC or notebook for any purchases, the mobile online option of purchasing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. You must ensure that your website can be accessed appropriated on these devices and look just as good. In the 21st century, websites are not just about the appearance, but also about effectiveness and utility. Today it is more about responsivity than a colour combination, which is why the mobile app is highly recommended.

3. Develop customer service systems
A vital aspect to consider with any business website is that of the customer service or customer support system. All businesses, irrespective of the service offered, will have to handle some questions or feedback at some point. While having a contact page with an email address is useful, feedback and inquiry portals will increase consumerism as the customer feels they are being represented. Furthermore, the standard F.A.Q. page has been known to decrease the level of customer support questions by a grand amount of 50%.

Many new designers will forget the option of a customer service portal or F.A.Q page as they focus on different pages and designs. It is a rather simple page to design and will have an effective overall effect to the page. In today’s society customers feel a need to be heard and no contact information will leave an individual feeling emotion of rejection. This can lead to negative reviews and an ineffective business reputation.

4. Keep track of your business’ online presence
In previous years a business would present with a website, sell the product to consider and end a transaction. Promotion of the business would be based on business cards handed out and a potential advertisement in the local newspaper or online forum. However, that was more than 15 years ago. Today, the path to business success lies in various means of promotion with the most popular being social media. In the 21st century, brand promotion and the maintenance of online presence is the key to keeping the money rolling in.

As is stated the popularity of your business is based on social media, particularly conversations via social networking sites. It is important to keep track of the conversations generated about your business and use social media promotion to keep them going. There are various types of social media which can be used in your favour from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, to mobile apps such as Stumble Upon and Headliner. These latter two are apps which are able to generate a readership toward your website which can create social conversations about your site.

When designing a website it is important to monitor these different aspects of your business. What is the point of creating a website if no-one is going to view it? It is important to engage in site promotion to ensure your work does not go to waste.

5. Website maintenance is key
To ensure consumers continue returning to your sites and refer their friends via ‘word of mouse’, it is important to keep your website up to date with the latest gadgets. It has been seen that designers will leave links and pages to become outdated which can lead to inactive applications and widgets. One may lose track of different reviews and comments. There is also the possibility that blog posts may become outdated evidencing a lack of maintenance. If a consumer sees all this they are unlikely to return believing that the site is ‘out of business’.

In order to maintain a steady readership and gain more fans, one must keep track of all posts and comments. All aspects of the site must be checked constantly and any updates must be made immediately. Potential customers will notice if anything is not working. Make sure you have a totally reliable broadband connection such as BT, Virgin or Primus Broadband or you may be unable to update your site quickly.

Final words on the matter
Designing a website for a business can be difficult but also a lot of fun. By following the key steps above it is highly likely that you will create a successful website.

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