London, UK (May 19, 2018) – Music is an integral part of one’s life. The choice of music is highly dependent upon the mood of the listener. In today’s world it is an undoubted fact that one prefers to play music on the go. Although one has access to internet almost all the time but downloading one’s favourite tracks and playing them offline is still a far better option. Google music is one of the most preferred platform that one uses for listening to music. The problem that arises is that one does not have proper knowledge when it comes to saving music in Google music.

At this juncture, it is very crucial to take a note of the fact that process to import spotify playlist to Google Play Music is actually very simple. Though it is a simple process, many people encounter difficulty in downloading music as they do not know the exact method. One needs to use a third party tool and for this MusConv can be the best software. There are three dots available at the corner of one’s screen. One is required to open the setting menu after clicking the three dot button.

While it is not mandatory to keep this feature turned on always, one is recommended to keep it on active mode because if mobile data gets exhausted, one can still continue to listen to one’s favourite music. It needs to be taken into account that importing from Spotify to Google Play Music has now become an extremely uncomplicated process. Firstly one needs to click the source menu from MusConv and then log into one’s account. Before choosing the transfer option, one needs to select the destination. After that the playlist will be automatically migrated.

About MusConv:
MusConv is a high quality third party software that is built to import Spotify playlist to Google Play Music.

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In the bid to import Spotify playlist to Google Play Music, one can rely upon MusConv.


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