Mount Everest’s Most Extraordinary Challengers

If ever there was a testament to human courage, strength and determination, it is Mount Everest. Since it first became known to the world outside of its immediate surroundings, Everest is a conquest that has incited excitement, mystery, fear and adrenaline in explorers from every corner of the globe. The imposing mountain in the Mahalangur Range is the highest on the planet, with its peak an astonishing 8,850 metres above sea level.

Those brave enough to step foot on Everest must overcome extreme conditions, altitude, a lack of oxygen and their own limitations to rise into the heavens. However, these adventurous souls are treated to the type of views that others can only imagine and, of course, the immense reward of achieving one of mankind’s greatest feats. These are a few of the most epic moments the mountain has seen.

King of the Hill

For most people, reaching Everest’s summit once will be enough to satisfy their adventurous spirit. Not Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Apa, who reached the summit for the 21st time in May of 2011. This astonishing accomplishment was made as part of an annual expedition to remove equipment and rubbish left behind by other mountaineers. Proving age is just a number at 51, Apa truly is King of the Mountain and an inspiration to us all!

The Everest “Black Run”

In October 2000, Slovenian extreme skier Davorin “Davo” Karničar put the world’s most hardcore skiers to shame when he did the unthinkable – skied an astonishing 12,000 vertical feet from the highest point back to the south-side base camp in around 5 hours –he must have had some good ski travel insurance! That black run you’ve been bragging about doesn’t sound so wild now, does it?

Leisurely Bike Ride

Swedish national Goran Kropp made Everest look like a gentle slope with his amazing journey in October 1995. Departing on his bicycle from his hometown of Jonkoping (with 240 pounds of gear in a trailer behind his bike), he began the very long journey to Everest Base Camp, which he arrived at in April 1996.

Kropp then started his ascent, but was forced to abandon his climb due to a violent storm – this resulted in the 1996 Everest Disaster when 8 people caught in a blizzard died on the mountain. He brought medicine up the mountain to save the lives of Slovenian climbers, before completing his own climb a week later without any bottled oxygen or assistance from a Sherpa. He then made the casual 12,875km bike ride back home!

Deadly West Ridge

The notorious and razor sharp West Ridge is the most dangerous way to reach the top with a death rate of over 100% (more people have died than reached the summit), but this did not deter brave Americans Willie Unsoeld and Tom Hornbein in 1963. They became the first to climb West Ridge and live to tell the tale, returning home mountaineering legends with a handful of shocking stories of near brushes with death.

These are the legends of Mount Everest and a few of the bravest individuals the world has seen. If you fancy yourself as a mountaineer and want to add your name to the list of adventurers who have conquered the world’s most imposing mountain, you will need to arrange the right mountain climbing or ski travel insurance (if you want to challenge Karničar’s time!).

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