Molds A Potential Health Hazard

Molds A Perpetual Irritant

There are certain species of molds that are often used for producing potent and life saving medicines and drugs as well as a few varieties of molds such as yeast which is used for fermentation purposes by the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industry respectively. However, there are large species of fungi and especially molds that are considered to be extremely harmful for the health of human beings. While there are millions of species of fungi that are presently growing all over around us, yet there are countless species that are still unknown to human intelligence. Essentially molds flourish and grow faster in a musty and humid environment where there is dearth of sunlight. Since molds do not have chlorophyll, their method of reproduction is mainly through spores. The spawning of molds is widespread and they multiply at a rapid pace. A larger variety of molds generally survives on rotting of dead organic material and is therefore considered to be instrumental in the recycling of plant life.

Adverse Effects on Health

One of the most common places that are affected is homes and residences. Apart from bringing in a decay and rot in the buildings and homes, especially where the construction of a house comprises of wooden structures. It has generally been observed that molds are not considered to be harmful till the time they invade the premises of a house and create a foul and offensive odor. One of the major adverse effects of indiscriminate growth of mold in a building is that the quality of the air reduces significantly and the environment becomes contaminated. The moment, the inmates of the house start inhaling the foul odor emanating from the interior of the house, molds often tend to become potentially dangerous source of a health hazard for human beings, since they become the root cause and spread a broad and diverse range of health troubles.

Elimination of Molds

One of the primary steps for eliminating molds from the house is mold inspection which enables the house owner to become aware of the source of the problem. This is followed by mold removal which is performed in a systematic manner and by taking all safety precautions. Mold inspection is generally done by professionals wearing protective suits and in a similar manner; the process of mold removal is also completed through protective measures. There are however certain methods that can be adopted by the house owner himself such as periodic checks on various parts of the house especially where wooden structures or false stucco ceilings and walls are part of the house construction.

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