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Bandel Innovations, LLC., introduces the WauKboard, a medical backboard with built-in features of a dolly. The WauK boards primary purpose is to prevent back injuries for first responders when extricating patients from tight or difficult to access locations. Bandel Innovations, LLC introduces the WauK boardBy designing in the features of a dolly, permanently mounted wheels and a self-contained footrest, the WauKboard allows a first responder to deploy the footrest at a moments notice and roll the person out of the constrained area, rather than carry the patient.

The WauKboard is designed to continue to fit in the backboard or oxygen compartment of a standard ambulance. It was also designed to retain the attributes of current spinal backboards (light-weight, rigid, floatable, x-ray translucent, MRI compatible and seamless construction for cleanability) while adding the features of a dolly.

The Wauk Board Spinal Board can be seen in action, via a youtube video on its website at

About Bandel Innovations, LLC

Founded in 2008, Bandel Innovations was established for the specific purpose of bringing the WauK board to life. Its inventor, Brian Bandel, is a firefighter/paramedic for the Waukegan Fire Dept. in Lake County, Il. His father, Garry Bandel is his business partner.

About Granger Plastics Granger Plastics is located in Middletown, Ohio and is the manufacturer of the WauKboard. They are a 17 year old firm with world-class expertise in Rotational Molding, the technique used to manufacture the WauK board. The engineering design for the WauK board was developed by Jim Cravens, the President of Granger Plastics.

Bandel Innovations, LLC introduces the WauK board
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