Male Organ Size and Pleasure Satisfaction: A Connection?

Even many men who sport a respectable endowment in the manhood department sometimes fantasize about having a larger member – in spite of the fact that male organ size is far less important in bed than male organ health and one’s skill with the equipment. And men do tend to associate male organ size with sensual satisfaction of a partner, especially when they are influenced by the monster-sized endowments found in so many adult videos. But does that association between male organ size and sensual satisfaction extend to the owners of the manhood themselves? According to at least one study, the answer is yes.

Before exploring this study, it’s important to look at the context of male organ size and sensual satisfaction in terms of one’s partner or partners. Numerous surveys have shown that, within reason, most female partners are satisfied with the size of the members they encounter sensually. Yes, in some extreme cases a manhood can be so small as to create problems providing satisfaction on its own. In other extreme cases, male organ size can be so large as to create a painful sensual situation. But in the vast majority of cases, a typical male organ size is perfectly capable of providing pleasure, when used with appropriate skill.

But looking at the question totally from the male point of view, does a man’s perception of his male organ size have a positive or negative impact on how satisfied he is with the sensual engagement he gets?

The study
This 2017 study appeared in the Archives of Sensual Behavior and is entitled “Characterization of (Equipment) Dissatisfaction in a National Sample of U.S. Men.” It looked at almost 4,000 men who completed the IMGI questionnaire, which gathered information on how men view their male organ and surrounding areas.

Overall, men were generally satisfied with their basic sensual equipment. However, 27% said that they wished their member was longer when in its flaccid state, and 19% felt the same way about the length of their firm manhood. When it came to width, about 15% would have liked to have more girth. (In non-male organ size-related issues, 14% had complaints about their pubic hair and only 44% considered male organ odor a personal issue.) Overall, 14% of men gave their general male equipment dissatisfaction a very low rating, most of which was due to concerns – legitimate or not – about their male organ size.

Those who had such low satisfaction were less likely to have satisfaction in their sensual activities – and also in general engaged in sensual activities less frequently than those who were more satisfied with their member. For example, about 73.5% percent of dissatisfied men were sensually active, compared to over 86% of men who were more satisfied with their manhoods.

Common sense
This makes sense. Lower sensual satisfaction may be due to self-esteem issues which can affect one’s performance in bed or one’s ability to attract a partner into bed, and these self-esteem issues could in many cases extend to feelings about one’s manhood its appearance and its size.

Men who have a normal male organ size and still feel disproportionately dissatisfied with it may wish to seek some professional help to learn ways to more properly appreciate their member. Learning to view one’s member in a more realistic perspective can help with problems of self-esteem and sensual dissatisfaction.

Male organ size and sensual satisfaction can be primarily in one’s mind, but male organ health is another matter. Maintaining that health by regular use of a quality male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is necessary. Look for a crème that contains vitamins A and C, which respectively help fight member odor and help give manhood skin the tone and elasticity needed for male organ tumescences. In addition, a superlative crème will also contain L-arginine, which helps boost nitric oxide production and consequently can better enable male organ blood vessels to expand when needed.

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Author: John Dugan