Male Organ Protection During Beach Coupling

There’s something undeniably attractive about having coupling on the beach – which may be why it’s so popular in sensuous stories and films. In real life, having coupling on the beach can be somewhat problematic – not to mention illegal. Because of the risks involved, guys are discouraged from attempting it. For those who are going to do so anyway, the following male organ protection and other tips may come in handy, both in terms of male organ health and in terms of (hopefully) not ending up the focus of an arrest for public indecency.


•Take time of day into consideration. The best time to try coupling on the bch – that is, the time when one is less likely to get arrested – is at night. In the first place, the beach is going to be considerably less crowded after dark. Sure, there may be a few people out strolling under the stars and getting their feet wet in the surf. But the big crowds will be gone, so there is likely to be much more privacy. And, of course, at night there is little light, so a couple is much less likely to be seen. And in terms of male organ protection, engaging in coupling on the beach during the daylight hours increases the chance of sunburn on the manhood; there is no possibility of moonburn.

•Avoid a crowd. If a couple really wants to try beach coupling during the day, they need to find the most secluded spot possible. Look behind some sand dunes or over a patch of tall grass. And there generally fewer people farther away from the water. Perhaps above all, make sure there are no kids nearby; that’s really asking for trouble.

•Bring towels – or a tent. There are little pop-up tents made for the beach which can provide a fair degree of privacy – and they are probably the best bet for having sandy coupling without getting in trouble. Barring that, a couple needs to bring several towels. One or two are needed for lying down on; others are needed for covering up whoever is on top. (Another male organ protection angle: towels help keep sand off of the member and the female organ – and much sand on either one can make the coupling less appealing.) A couple of big beach umbrellas can also help to keep prying eyes away from private parts in action.

•Consider positions in advance. Because of the way sand can seem to get into anything on the ground – even a towel – the most practical positions are those in which the male organ and female organ are off the ground – doggy style, standing up, etc. But these are positions that are bound to draw attention. Traditional missionary, even if done with relative restraint, is also a bit hard to disguise. The best option may be spoon positions, with the man and woman lying on their sides, his front against her back. This can give the impression that the two are merely cuddling. If the thrusting is done slowly and gently, it is less obvious that there is some serious male organ-female organ action occurring.

•Wear latex protection. Even if this is a long term monogamous relationship, a latex protection provides male organ protection from stray grains of sand.

Again, having coupling on the beach carries significant risks – so those who indulge, please take all possible precautions.

Male organ protection doesn’t end with tips for beach coupling. They also include maintaining good male organ health via the daily application of a top drawer male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Search out a crème with vitamin A. Why? Because vitamin A has powerful antibacterial properties which can help fight unwanted manhood odor. The crème should also include alpha lipoic acid. This potent antioxidant fights excess free radicals which have the potential to inflict oxidative stress on delicate member skin.

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Author: John Dugan