Male Organ Odor and Underwear Choice

Even the most romantic scenario can be ruined when a man removes his underwear to reveal his gift package and instead reveals a distressing male organ odor situation. But unfortunately, male organ odor is one of the most common – and persistent – male organ health problems around. Most guys are unaware of their own male organ odor, and many men know that a certain degree of manly scents can actually be pleasing to a woman – but there’s a significant difference between a manly scent and a reeking male organ odor. Therefore, learning how to fight this problem is key to a man’s long term sensual happiness.

Male organ odor causes
It’s no surprise that male organ odor is such a big deal. After all, body odor generally is related to sweat, and sweat is generally caused by a heated situation. Just think about the member for a moment. In the first place, it’s usually snuggled beneath not one but two layers of clothing, making it extra heated already. Then the thatch of hair adds another layer of insulation, and the contact it has with the thighs also adds to the heat. Add in stray drops of dried urine or other fluids, and there’s a recipe for big-time odor.

There are several things a guy can do to help address male organ odor issues, and focusing on underwear is one of the major ones. With that in mind, here are several suggestions.

•Keep it clean. The most basic one, but one which some guys still forget. Sure, it can be tempting to put off doing laundry one more day and plan on re-wearing a pair of briefs tomorrow – but just don’t.

•Change it often. It may be a hassle, but sometimes a guy just needs to change underwear more than once a day. Certainly put on a fresh pair after going to the gym or playing a game of football. But some summer days are so hot that even just breathing produces sweat. And by all means, change underwear before a date – even if it hasn’t been an especially sweaty day.

•Go loose. Lots of men like the comfort and security that tight briefs and boxer briefs provide. They also may like the way that these underwear types show off and present their bulge. Nevertheless, tight underwear just adds to the heat. Wearing light, loose cotton boxers can help decrease the sweat and smell quotient significantly. If a guy really thinks he’s going to be more impressive in briefs when he doffs his trousers, then he should wear boxers normally and just change into the tighter gear as he’s getting ready for his date.

•Go natural. When in the privacy of his own home, a man should regularly dispense with underwear altogether and let his manhood air out in the altogether. An hour every day can make a big difference.

•Choose natural fibers. Underwear made of 100% cotton is going to allow guy’s equipment to “breathe” more easily. Shiny synthetic fabrics trap the heat inside, so avoid them at all costs.

•Don’t borrow. Under no circumstances should a man borrow his roomie’s underwear. There are plenty of health reasons, but it also will just add his unwanted lingering scent to the mix.

Taking care with one’s underwear is an excellent way to start approaching male organ odor issues, but more is needed. For example, every guy needs to be regularly applying a first class male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Crucially, he needs to select a crème that includes vitamin A among its ingredients. Why? Because vitamin A is blessed with anti-bacterial properties that enable it to fight persistent male organ odor. It also helps if that crème contains a powerful antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid. This can strengthen the male member skin by fighting oxidative stress, leaving it healthier and less prone to damage and more ready to resist odor-causing bacteria.

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Author: John Dugan