Major Reasons to Buy Vintage Glass Cabochons

Cabochons are stones that are highly polished, with a top that is dome-shaped and a back that is flat. These may be made of gemstones precious and semi-precious, and also of glass. Thus, cabochons made of glass are called glass cabochons, and those that are 20 years from the manufactured date are referred to as vintage glass cabochons.

Glass cabochons have many applications that can add a touch of femininity to your designs. As focal pieces on brooches, necklaces, pendants and rings, these stones look very well. You can weave seed beads around them, or set them on handcrafted bezels, and these cabochons will command a second look. Household objects like jewelry boxes and flower vases can be decorated with glass cabochons, too. Their flat backs ensure that they can be easily used in various designs, as these components do not have holes drilled on them.

Do you love jewelry pieces with vintage glass cabochons on them? Most women do; those who wear the vintage glass cabochons are aware of the good reasons why they should wear pieces with vintage glass cabochons. Here are those reasons.

Vintage glass cabochons in jewelry pieces may cost less, but they are often valued more. The value of a contemporary piece depends on the break-up value. These are the amounts of metal and the quality of the gemstones used. With a vintage piece, the entire piece has greater value than the sum of the components. The rarity and craftsmanship gives the vintage piece a resale value, allowing you to get more for your money. If these pieces are taken care of very well, they can appreciate as time goes on.

Although vintage glass cabochons may often cause images of the old times to appear, such as diamond tiaras and watch fobs these are actually nice to wear. The more delicate settings, the stone designs, the subtle sparkle all make the piece appropriate to wear to any occasion.

While you can easily spend five figures for a vintage jewelry piece, you can also find it easy to spend less. Vintage pieces of jewelry with glass cabochons are not even priced up to $1 thousand; plenty of these are in the mid four figures. Regardless of the price of a piece, the workmanship and quality of the older jewelry with glass cabochons is a better value, dollar for dollar.

Of course, every vintage piece of jewelry is not one-of-a-kind. Being handmade or hand finished and having a focus on interesting settings, these older pieces allow you to wear them without seeing yourself coming and going.

The detailed design of antique pieces with glass cabochons that displays skilled workmanship is an art that had already vanished. We are in an era of mass producing jewelry pieces and craft supplies. Hand finishing is seldom done today anymore. So the gemstones and materials used in vintage pieces are scarce now and are difficult, if not impossible to find.

Anytime that you are having second thoughts about buying vintage jewelry pieces accented by glass cabochons, remember these 5 good reasons to buy older types of jewelry.

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