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Lil Packaging Ltd
Nate Calvert

Family-owned and run business, Lil Packaging constantly strive for innovation within the eCommerce sector, so they have pulled out all the stops to produce a mailbox with a truly unique set of features. Not only delivering on operational efficiencies, our Lil mailbox range of ecommerce mailing boxes feature the following

• Patented construction that is super-fast to assemble, especially when compared to standard mailing boxes.
• Innovative easy peel and seal closing system that uses extra strong hot-melt glue and overhanding release paper for faster fulfilment (300% stronger than double sided tape – essential of ecommerce deliveries).
• Interlocking tamper evident tabs that add additional security.
• Red tear strip opening for a consistently pleasing unboxing experience.
• Eco-friendly credentials with 100% FSC® certified kraft cardboard that is 100% recyclable.

Our high-quality mailing boxes are purpose built to ensure your customers have a happy unboxing experience – ensuring you get more return business as a result. They offer the perfect mix of high quality frustration free unboxing experience and super-fast assembly, security and despatch speeds. Don’t leave your customers dissatisfied at the final brand touch point – the importance of perfecting the delivery and unboxing experience should never be under estimated. As well as super easy to use, our mailing boxes are made with FSC® certified material and are 100% recyclable – ensuring your brand is delivered in packaging and leaves a positive experience on so many levels.

“80% of shoppers buy again from a retailer if they receive a positive delivery experience” –Packaging for eCommerce Success

“65% of ecommerce retailers identify failed deliveries as the biggest cost to their business” – eDelivery


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