Love Apple or Hate Apple You Are Not Alone

Democracy is fundamentally based on the belief that whatever is popular is right. This may not work some of the time, but it certainly works when determining what is good and what is not. Like a restaurant, if many people love it, the chances are very high that the food is pretty good; if the reviews are muted, then the chances are that the food is not so great. That is the way we humans tend to operate. It is part of our instinct to desire what others seem to enjoy; it is part of us to covet others possessions – because many people having something is an undeniable seal of approval. In the grandest scheme of things, it is the same way with Apples range of products.

Apple products

For those of you who have never wanted to own an Apple product, maybe you should. Some of us hate being part of the crowd and so resist. Others simply feel Android devices are better. The choice should not be about branding. It should be about functionality, longevity and paradigm-busting technology. Bothe Android and Apple offer so much to so many…

Ready for your first bit of Apple?

The iPhone 4s is available through terrific cheap iPhone deals at the moment. With the release of the iPhone 5 it was natural that prices of the predecessor would fall; and fall they have. If you are ready for your first bite of Apple then the 4s may be the choice for you.

Social networking

The Apple iPhone 4S comes with deeper integration of social networking than was available before. The interface to your social life is rapid and super intuitive. It can be voice controlled directly. Its possible to tell Siri, the voice command assistant, to “Tweet – Traffic along Hyde Park is bumper to bumper” and it’s done. You dont even need to raise a finger to do it.

Voice command

You can teach this clever assistant to do just about anything on the phone. It can access all the built in functions, from the calendar to the address book, and even take little reminders while you are on the go.


One of the best ways to use this voice command ability is with your GPS and map Apps. You can now tell Siri to search for a location on the map, then receive step by step directions till you get there. It is really handy to do this, especially when you are actually driving.


With the 4S, it is even possible to get the voice command assistant to update your Facebook status. It is as simple as teaching it what to do, then each time after that, you just have to tell it “Update Facebook” or something like that – it’s however you programme it, and it will be done. Pretty cool, I must say.

Apple pricing

Apple has always enjoyed a loyal band of fruit mad supporters. Long lines of prospective buyers in front of the stores greet every launch. The pricing of the Apple devices is kept at premium range and that means contracts have become the order of the day. Providers devise cheap iPhone deals so that the customers can be lured to opt for their contracts, increasing their customer base. This is a win-win scenario for both providers and customers; for customers it allows them to own a new device and for providers it improves their revenue and market share.

Contracts with iPhone

Until now, it has been tough to get on the Apple product ladder, because it has been, well, lets be honest, expensive! The latest iPhone in the market can cost over £500 in stores – and that is before hooking it up to a data and voice service

The trick to getting some great value is to get a contract with your phone. Take the T-Mobile contract for instance. It provides a new iPhone 4s in your palm without taking anything out of your wallet upfront. You do have to commit to a contract for £27 over the next 24 months though.

This £27 contract is just one of many. It is possible to pay less monthly and pay something upfront for the handset. Either way the handset needs to be paid for. Customers can choose from new Apple iPhone releases at a premium monthly rate or they can opt for older iPhone models, like the 4s, with cheaper monthly plans.

All of the providers change their contracts regularly, and offer superb deals on devices that are on the way out.

Enjoying cheap iPhone deals

Providers are able to come up with cheap iPhone deals after a new launch as the prices for predecessor models become cheaper. They remodel the deals so that the customers find the deals not only interesting, but also affordable.

Deals to opt for

All the providers go devise service bundled plans to appeal to different consumer types. They provide blended deals of talk, text and internet allowance to suit different usage profiles. All these deals are highly customisable to ensure you get just what you want. Consider how you use, or plan to use, your iPhone and decide how mobile you will be – then go ahead and make your choice.

Final thoughts

The best things in life are free – and with these unbeatable bargains, they almost are. To be able to pick up a state-of-the-art communication device that carries within it greater computing and communication power than the Apollo space craft, or even some of the satellites in orbit, is an amazing thought. When Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon, his communication device, the landing module and the orbiter all had less computing power than the iPhone you are about to pick up, and at deals, sometimes under £20, it is unbelievable.

If you have never had an Apple product and are looking for great value, then go with an iPhone 4s deal.

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