Looking For A Safe And Secure Messaging Platform? Then Say Hello To Arex Messenger

HONG KONG (October 01, 2020) – Privacy is becoming more and more of a myth with every passing day. Governments are bringing stronger regulations for national security reasons that ends up having adverse effects on privacy. The problems are further compounded by our phone and app systems with the laxest of securities that a twelve year old can get past. So, to tackle this, do we have a solution? Yes we do.

AREX Messenger is the name of the game when it comes to complete privacy and security. It is a massive multifunctional decentralized chat application built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a remarkable chat application that also features a lightweight built-in cryptocurrency wallet for the safest and the most secure financial transactions. When you are communicating with your family and friends through AREX, the application will offer many more functionalities and plenty of other unique and useful features as compared to the conventional instant messaging apps or other such messengers.

AREX is also a unified instant messaging app. People can easily and safely carry their personal and professional conversations through this app without ever having to worry about snooping. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video broadcasts, advanced location features and currency transfer are a few of the central features that are offered by AREX. All chat, communications and data are end-to-end encrypted. You can store your valuable data, photos and documents in your own encrypted cloud storage. AREX has also developed encrypted screen-sharing as an extra valuable tool to collaborate securely with partners and other 3rd parties.

“We have come a long way from feature phones to smartphones, from paper currencies to plastic currencies to digital currencies. Yet, each time we have asked one question -“Is my data safe “? Short answer -“No”. Now if you ask – “How can I keep my messages and financial transactions safe?”. We’d say – “With AREX”. The only company right now committed to the safety, security and privacy of our clients. Our network is not dependent on server, and is not affected by government structures. AREX combines high level privacy and security of user data with the most convenient functionality – the Blockchain framework. We invite you to join us in partaking of our most secure and private messaging application – AREX”, said the Founder of AREX Messenger.

About Arex Messenger:
Arex Messenger the first B2B, C2B and B2C messenger, which combines innovative design, advanced functionality and security. Compatible on all devices and operating systems, Arex Messenger is easy to use across platforms.

For more information, please visit https://arex-messenger.com/

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Phone: +14 0158 7351
Email-Id: info@arex-messenger.com
Website: https://arex-messenger.com/




Author: Rahul Das

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