Living Life in a Wheelchair Is Not All Bad

Man in Wheelchair at the Beach

Yes, living in a wheelchair is tough especially as you are still at the stage of struggling to control the wheelchair and the natural instinct to move your body. But that’s the point – it’s a stage which means it has a beginning and an end. Once you pass this stage, having to use a wheelchair can be life-changing and free.

There are just 2 permanent struggles you will have to accept: problem with accessibility and transporting a wheelchair. Both of these tend to be issues that the world still has to work on. Fortunately, the Internet has made people more aware of the need for ramps and access doors especially for people in wheelchairs. Automakers are also doing an acceptable job in creating vehicles that have excellent loading features. Have you seen the new electric-powered Kenguru? Wow! This is the car of the century! You open the back and roll your wheelchair straight on to the steering wheel! Your wheelchair becomes the driver’s seat. You don’t even have to struggle with loading gas. Amazing!

Even more great news is that while the Kengaru is going to be priced higher than other cars, the cost will eventually go down and the car or other similar cars will be affordable.

From the point of view of a fellow lifer in a wheelchair, you should read Handbook for wheelchair life by David Thulin. His perspective on life will definitely have an impact on yours. He’s funny but not offensive and he sees life from the angle of a person who has to live the peak years of his adult life in a wheelchair.

Other relevant advice and quick tips from people in a wheelchair are:

Choose the best wheelchair you can afford. The lighter, the better. The more compact, the easier it will be to maneuver in tight places.

Love your chair and you change your perspective and start to love your life as it is.

The point is, in a wheelchair, you have some freedom to do things people not using a wheelchair would never be able to do. There’s something extraordinary about this last thought. You can use it to live a full, memorable, and impactful life!