Live Scan Labs Introduces High Quality Health Testing Services in Pembroke Park

Pembroke Park (February 12th 2018) – Live Scan Lab offers top notch health tests Pembroke Park that customers can undergo to ensure that they remain in good physical health all round the year. The tests on offer are quite varied in nature and are carried out in a safe and scientific environment for the benefit of customers. Test results are generated very quickly indeed and are fully reliable too.

The DNA analysis Pembroke Park services are quite well known and may be used by customers to determine the paternity of children in a smooth and hassle manner. The test results are always accurate and are produced in a matter of minutes.

There are weight loss tests that customers can undergo to determine whether they suffer from obesity or not. The weight loss tests are carried out using the state of art equipment. Customers get to know the test results within the same day of having undergone them so they can follow up on the test results right away.

There are vitamin B12 injections that customers can avail at Live Scan Labs on a regular basis if they suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiency. The injections are given using sterilized equipment so there is absolutely no danger of customers contracting any infection.

Live Scan Labs offers drug and alcohol addiction tests that customers can undergo to determine whether they are addicted to drugs and alcohol or not. The test results are always genuine and enable customers to determine whether they need to continue seeking treatment for substance abuse or whether they can discontinue such treatment.

There are also tests that customers can undergo for the purpose of sexual wellness. These tests demonstrate whether customers have a healthy and whether improvements are needed in order to bring about a boost in this area of their lives.

All about Live Scan Labs:
Live Scan Labs is a well known health testing centre in the Pembroke Park area that offers high quality and reliable testing services for customers of every budget. Appointments are easy to sign up for and customers can avail excellent deals and discounts on the services offered all through the year.

For more information, please visit www.livescanlabs.comNULL



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