Lip Stick Effect.

Lip liners and lip sticks. They are part of an economic phenomenon referred to as the lip stick effect. It is a valid theory that says people will buy lip liners and lip sticks, no matter what the situation is economically. All people of all financial classes have more than likely experienced times of reduced buying power. Crisis makes all people cut back on what are considered to be non essential items. Luxury goods will fall off in sales. Jewelry and furs and vacations will be cut from the budgets, however, lip makeups such as liners, glosses and lipsticks actually go up on sales at the same time. Yes is has been documented over and over again that lip makeup experience an up tick in sales when other areas of life are forced to suffer. In addition to the over all increase in sales, expensive lip makeups sell better during hard times. Especially lip sticks.

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Is it true that after 9 11 , the sale of lip stick doubled in the USA? There has been debate regarding the post 9 11 sales information as it relates to lip stick sales. Many companies related to the press an obvious up tick in sales, but many agree that to say revenues doubled, is an exaggeration. So what is it about cosmetic related items, that would be causing such an effect during times of stress, worry, and a reduced ability to splurge?

There are those who believe that it is all about one’s instinct to survive. Is it possible for example, that a woman’s instincts would lead her to believe that she absolutely must find a way to be as beautiful as possible during times that would indicate less survival strength? Is it also possible that these instincts are so deeply rooted, that such mechanisms resulting in increased cosmetics sales, may not even be at the front of a consumer’s mind? But the purchases are made, and the cosmetics are used, just the same. The term thrown around is mating psychology. Some experts believe that women have instincts that warn them of the possible need to find a mate during troubling times because having a survival team mate, might be just what is required to perpetuate survival to begin with. Some experts believe in this so much, that they use economic data on lip stick sales as an indicator of recession. That is quite heavy.

Recently lip stick studies have been done regarding how the cosmetic plays a role in the lesbian community. The term lip stick lesbian is used to describe a lesbian who has soft, girly styled expression to her aura, and yet she is attracted to a lesbian mate that has a more masculine aura to her. Much was written about the topic in the Los Angeles times paper, which had a section devoted to lesbian news. I am sure we will learn more going forward.



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