LED Light Expert Offers DLC Listed Lights To Help Property Owners Get Certified Lights

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San Diego, CA (April,07) – Most people these days look for lights and even other electrical equipment that will help them save a lot of electricity. They look for lights that come with energy star rating and this is what DLC lights can bring them. DLC stands for Design Lights Consortium. It is something similar to Energy Star Program. The difference is that it is a regional group that pays attention particularly to the energy efficiency in the light industry.

To make sure that their customers get the best DLC Listed lights, LED Light Expert has stocked the best collection of illuminants under this CatID. The DLC program is a part of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships shortly called NEEP and it was initially focused on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.

Now, coming back to LED Light Expert, not just DLC illuminants, their purpose is to offer the lights that will bring the best savings on their utility bills to their customers. This is the reason why the store has the best LED retrofit kit along with LED shoebox lights and many other lights under different categories.
The sport court lights offered by this light expert will help the customers in saving on illuminating their play area, such that they can enjoy their favorite sport even at nights. If they are particular about lighting their tennis court, the store has the tennis court lights that are rightly designed with tennis sport in mind.
They also deal with solar lights that will illuminate at nights by gathering and storing energy from the Sun during the daytime. These lights are yet another option to save huge on the utility bills. Further, the store deals with lights from different brands in such a way that customers can make the best choice. They can enjoy savings on their shopping for LED Wall Pack light or any other light from this store for that matter.
The 400 Watt Metal Halide LED Replacement from this store will help property owners looking for replacement lights to save huge on lighting the different areas in their property by replacing the conventional incandescent into LED alternatives.
Also, the LED Canopy lights at this store will help with lighting the canopy in the right manner, such that families can spend their summer nights in canopy enjoying a get-to-gather. To bring the most hassle-free shopping experience to the customers, this online lighting store has made the website user-friendly. For orders over $49, they offer free shipping and their payment gateway is PayPal Verified.
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