LED Light Expert Offers 60 Watt Waterproof LED Corn Lights On Sale

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San Diego, CA, April 8, 2018: LED Light Expert is known for offering cost-effective, energy saving and eco-friendly lights for homes, factories, offices and other spots. It has brought very high quality 60 Watt Led Wall Pack that is water resistant in form, and can last for as long time as 25 years or even beyond. Amazon, the top marketplace is offering the online buyers the high-end products at the best prices.

The LED lights are unique in shape and look, and can be used in various settings. Customers can use the lights to replace all their existing fixtures at home, office or any other place that needs illumination. With these illuminants, consumers do not have to change their bulbs after every few months or so. There is also the scope of saving a high amount of energy with these fixtures.

The Corn Light Bulb products are designed to last for a long time, around 50,000 hours or more than 25 years at a stretch. These are offered with a clean cover, that can keep the LEDs protected from moisture and dirt – which makes them a fantastic option as an outdoor illuminant. These can also be installed in indoor settings. The efficiency is very high, at 115 lumens per watt, and it is IP64 rated for water resistance.

The E39 LED Bulb of 4000K and 8,115 Lumens can offer illumination at a wide angle of 360 degrees. There is the scope to save as much as 80% on energy expenses, and an easy retrofit is possible on any fixture. Buyers can screw these lights easily into E39 Mogul Bases. In a few cases, while changing to LEDs, there is need to bypass the ballast. However, these LED lights do not use any ballast. There is a driver here. The driver is placed within the light and there is need to directly run the power to the light. Customers can toss the ballast away, as the light can perform well even in its absence.

The lights come with a very advanced design, and there is a built-in fan and aluminum Heat Sink that ensure better dissipation of heat. This helps prolong the overall life of these lights, and ensure longer operational span. The Corn light is offered with warranty of 5 years, which can keep customers relaxed at the time of purchase.

The Design Lights Consortium (DLC) that oversees independent verification has certified these illuminants for safety. The UL Listed lights are highly reliable in performance and come with the promise of higher quality than the regular LED illuminants that can be found today on the market.

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LED Light Expert, based in San Diego, California, is an online seller of high quality LED lights and bulbs that can be used in all types of residential, industrial and commercial establishment. From Wall Pack and shoebox lights to all other types of LED lights, customers can get a wide variety of choices. A wide array of products of this e-store is offered on Amazon.

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