Learning London’s Landmarks on an Inspirational School Trip

If you are looking for a suitable place to take a whole class of students for a couple of days’ change of scene, your best option is London. A school trip to London provides young people with excellent opportunities for learning useful and interesting facts as well as having fun.
As the capital of a one-time empire, the city contains myriad important historic monuments and venues and tells a story of grandeur, beauty and prosperity which invariably fascinate young visitors. Over the centuries it has given rise to or attracted some of the brightest minds of civilisation, whose legacy can still be traced across the city. We can confidently say that there are at least several hundred places of interest, yet when you only have a few days, no school trip to London should go without paying a visit to the following landmarks.

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

A place where history has been written for 900 years, the Houses of Parliament offer tours accompanied with audio guides. The tour takes visitors through the Queen’s Robing Room, the Lords Chamber and the Commons Chamber, as well as Westminster Hall: the site of numerous historic trials and events.
The Houses of Parliament’s iconic clock tower lovingly referred to as Big Ben is no less fascinating. Rising at almost a hundred metres, it has been ticking time incessantly since its construction in mid nineteenth century. The bell which fills the air with cheerful chimes at midday weighs 13 tons. The clock’s minute hands alone weigh a hundred kilograms each and are longer than two tall people standing on top of each other.

Tower of London

Protected by several layers of defensive fortification, the Tower is a colossal edifice which should make its way to the top of any teacher’s list of attractions to visit on a school trip to London. Erected a millennium ago it still stands strong. In fact, it is so strong and secure that it used to serve as a royal mint at one time and is still used as a safe depository for the Crown Jewels. During the reign of the Tudors it also began to be used as a prison: a function it continued to serve well into the twentieth century.

The London Eye

An excellent way to wrap up your school trip to London is to show students the numerous important attractions they have visited from a bird’s eye. The London Eye, arguably the most famous observation wheel in the world, takes you 135 metres above ground, affording splendid views of the Thames and the numerous famous buildings on the opposite bank.
To ensure the smooth running of your school trip to London, it is a good idea to get the expert help of a tour operator in organising it. Thus, you and your group can save yourselves some tedious queuing time and invest it in actually exploring the city and having fun.

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Author: Desiree Michels