LD 3 AKN Air Cargo Container Ultimate Load Test Video Hits Internet

Air Cargo Container manufacturing leader, Granger Aerospace has recently launched its online video of the Granger Aerospace Products LD 3 AKN, the forkliftable version of the LD 3 AKE Air freight Container efficiently finishing the FAA’s ultimate tons screening. The “Ultimate Lots Test” as needed for TSO certification needs that that the maximum best bunches be applied to each side of the container for a minimal duration of 3 secs, based on Title 14 CFR Part 25 Ã� § 25.305. The supreme tons test weights essential for conformance and qualification need to be put on the LD 3 AKE air freight compartments range from virtually 5,300 pounds approximately nearly 18,000 pounds. The Granger LD 3 AKE Aerospace compartment efficiently finished the examination, using the exact same container for every one of the 5 bunch examinations. The LD 3 AKE screening video can be seen on YouTube or on any of the Granger Aerospace websites.

Granger Plastics has generated over 20,000 tradition air freight containers for a number of internationally recognized leaders in the airline company and air freight sectors. The LD 3 AKE includes a forkliftable base, for simplicity of use in packages operations. Among the large destinations of the LD-3 AKE is a single piece polymer shell, produced through the rotational molding procedure. Rotational Molding is a stress free, plastics molding process used to create remarkably tough and long-term items, such as underground nuclear waste storage tanks, bunkers shielding troops in battle zone and so much more. The LD 3 AKE ULD freight compartment shell from Granger Aerospace offers light-weight polyethylene building, which enables lighter tare weight ULD compartments, which relates to a savings in fuel costs and a decrease in carbon credits, where relevant. The polymer building of Granger’s ULD containers also allows for a much longer lifespan compared to many of the different air cargo compartments on the marketplace. Also, the air cargo containers can be produced in business colors for simple recognition and professional advertising and marketing functions. Via Granger’s encounter with building tradition rotomolded air freight containers, Granger’s clients have experienced significantly lowered expenses of upkeep in contrast to previously utilized Light weight aluminum and Fiberglass counterparts. The serious reductions in maintenance costs, lowered fuel costs and reduction of carbon credits allow the Granger Aerospace LD 3 Air freight Containers to provide an overall expense of ownership over the life of the ULD compartment.

Granger Industries features Granger Plastics, ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a world acknowledged rotational molding business, manufacturing an assortment of custom-made and proprietary products, consisting of America’s leading storm cellar, the Granger ISS. For more information concerning Granger Plastics Company satisfy see www.grangerplastics.com or call at 513-424-1955. For more information concerning Granger Aerospace Products kindly visit www.grangeraerospaceproducts.com.

Julius has been recently involved in the development of the LD 3 AKN Air Cargo Container by Granger Aerospace.  Granger’s line of Air Cargo Containers offer a single piece polymer shell, which requires less maintenance, less fuel burn and offers the lowest total cost of ownership.  To learn more about Granger Aerospace Products, please visit http://www.grangeraerospaceproducts.com.

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