Lanzarote’s Jameos del Agua by Night

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The surprising depth and distinct unique nature of Lanzarote’s cultural attractions continues for visitors both during the day and night. Winter holidays in Lanzarote are the perfect occasion to enjoy many of the island’s sights and scenes when the weather is still comfortably warm and the summer crowds have diminished significantly. One of Lanzarote’s most famous attractions is quite particular in that it truly deserves a visit during both the day and night. The Jameos del Agua is possibly Cesar Manrique’s greatest work that exemplifies his passion for the island and its beauty.

The Jameos del Agua

The Jameos del Agua was, and is, a nightclub, a work of art, a restaurant, a tourist attraction and a live music venue – amongst other things. This multi-faceted site truly is a work of genius, both ecologically and artistically. The structure is the result of a lava tube formed by the volcano Montana La Corona, which erupted over 4000 years ago. As the lava flowed, the surface hardened, creating an intricate pathway of tunnels that led under the Atlantic Ocean. When the volcanic gases built up, certain parts of the tunnels’ roofs collapsed, creating natural ‘Jameos’ or ‘open-air caves’. These open-air caves became homes to small lakes and pools of clear aqua-coloured water and their beauty inspired an artist.

Features of the Caves

The naturally occurring features found in the Jameos del Agua became Cesar Manrique’s canvas. The way Manrique blended the area’s natural surroundings with modern artistic techniques and styles is seamless. The pathways, rooms and staircases almost seem as organic as the tropical plants and curious albino crabs that still inhabit the caves.

Upon entering The Jameos del Agua, visitors are led down a long staircase into the site’s restaurant and bar. The restaurant provides stunning views of one of the small, naturally-occurring lakes within the caves – one which is home to the indigenous blind albino crabs. A small pathway that crosses the lake guides visitors to the ‘Jameo Grande’, which is possibly the most memorable moment for many travellers on their winter holidays in Lanzarote. The dark tunnel eventually opens up into a magnificent, vast open-air cave which encircles an exotic-looking tropical lagoon. The water, which is fed by the Atlantic Ocean, is crystal clear and a deep turquoise colour.

The Jameo Grande leads down to an equally stunning concert auditorium which is well known for its excellent acoustics and breath-taking atmosphere. On Tuesdays and Saturdays the auditorium hosts an evening meal for visitors, and traditional folk music and dancing is performed. It is certainly a completely unique experience for people on their winter holidays. In Lanzarote, during the ‘winter’ months, the weather is still comfortably warm during the day. However, it is recommended that you bring a sweater if you decide to visit The Jameos del Agua at night, as the temperatures drop somewhat in the evenings and it can be chilly.

A Night to Remember

Winter holidays in Lanzarote will definitely provide many ‘one-of-a-kind’ experiences, even for those who have been to the island before. The Jameos del Agua, as an attraction, never disappoints! However, a night of good food, dancing and music, deep within the atmospheric walls of Cesar Manrique’s greatest artistic achievement, may very well be top of our list of amazing experiences that this beautiful island has to offer.

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