Kugali Anthology Project On Kickstarter Generates Global Interest On African Tales

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While the lovers of comics around the world have been amply exposed to the colors of the west, many are yet to learn about the engaging stories of Africa that are passed down through generations and are reflective of the rich heritage of this continent. This is one of those gaps that are in the process of successfully bridging all, thanks to the Kugali anthology that has been created and curated by Nelson and a force of 15 extremely talented writers.

As has been expressed by Nelson and co-founders Tolu Olowofoyeku and Macaulay Alvarez, non-depiction of African culture in popular comics and magazines has been one of the primary reasons why they have pushed their endeavors to enlighten the world about the rich cultures of Africa through comic adaptations. As has been seen through their endeavors in Kickstarter, the number of people willing to back the project and wanting to know more about the stories is astounding.

All set to launch somewhere in the middle of 2018, the creators of Kugali anthology have stepped on the social media accelerator to garner enthusiasm about the vibrant 200-page comic that will be available in two editions, the Raki and the Regular, each designed for more mature readers and regular readers respectively. The creators have also announced innovative means of engaging upcoming artists from Africa by allowing them to participate in contests like communicating cover page design ideas that can help them win anywhere from 75$ to over 100$ as prize money.

The Kugali platform per se is not restricted to comics only. As has been expressed by Nelson and co-founders, the company is presently in the process of expressing their culture through the world of gaming and animation as well that is expected to make a striking difference in the perception of this majestic continent to the rest of the world.

About Kugali Anthology:
The Kugali Anthology is a comic book adaptation of some of the most compelling African stories that have been passed down through generations. Curator and creator Nelson has expressed that the company that is currently operating in Lagos, Nigeria, and UK will soon expand to other destinations as well as their scope with gaming and animations.

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Kugali anthology consists of an array of African tales that have been passed down through generations and are now making its way to a global audience through comic adaptations. The project headed by Nelson is currently a successful Kickstarter project that has gained considerable funding support in this platform. Click the link for more info

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