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9543Kolkata Real Estate – Flats In Kolkata

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Professionals usually prefer to live in developed areas of a city. Similarly, in Kolkata professionals prefer proximity to work spaces areas showing substantial increase in capital gains, also suitable for investors who want capital appreciation.

A peaceful locality, having green environment along with appropriate civic amenities is a good choice for investing in real estate Kolkata and buying flats in Kolkata. Although properties situated, bang right in the center of all basic facilities like hospitals, banks, markets, malls, and schools. In Kolkata living near a metro station is a boon for everyone planning to buy property in Kolkata.

In Kolkata, realtors strongly feel that places inside radius of 3 to 5 kilometer of a Metro station emergence as a new residential zone and government’s clearance of Section 14Y, West Bengal Land Reforms Act for townships, will definitely encourage affordable housing. Kolkata government’s resolution for relaxing FAR norms is another reason to facilitate properties value.

Moreover, the Kolkata PWD, Public Works department, has divided its wards into three zones – North, West, and South. This will allow improved management and supervision of the various development projects delegated to PWD. They are also entrusted the execution of different development projects such as setting up schools and college buildings, hospitals and sports complexes, and several road projects in a number of districts. The housing department’s pilot project of having motels set up along state highways along with government guest houses in the state.

This current trend has boosted the real estate developers in Kolkata to get into low cost homes. They are also open to put in money in lands beyond the city of Kolkata boundary. In the last decade, the development in the transportation and communication has made Kolkata, the only city that can boost the cheapest and options of a number of transportation modes, incomparable to any other metro city in the whole world.

The comfort of all the classes of people in a society depends on the city’s infrastructure facilities, on which the real estate economic growth depends. Consequently, where transportation and communication is considered, Kolkata surpasses all the other metro cities in India. Subsequently, improving many facets of developments paves way for its realty development further away from the main city ding and yet enjoying the various facilities.

This has led to mushrooming of very good homes in a number of suburban areas of Kolkata. You can buy real estate Kolkata at affordable prices due to the low land cost in these yet developing areas, with a number of commuting services, giving everyone an opportunity to invest in flats in Kolkata.

The article is written by Nora Gwilt who is a real estate investor and has bought/sold properties in residential projects in Kolkata, India. She has also worked with companies like Ruchi Realty to promote their real estate Kolkata projects.