Kids on Cruises: The Best Lines for Families

If you have ever dreamed of travelling to the most exotic corners of the world on a cruise ship, having kids may have reined in your once-bold fantasies. However, you will be pleased to know that you can more let your dreams roam free again. A number of cruise lines offer voyages which are catered towards families with children, with everything from fantastic kids’ entertainment to activities for Mum and Dad – all at budget-sparing prices. Read on to discover some of the best choices for an exciting and memorable voyage for you and your little ones.


Disney is a name that needs little introduction and, especially if your children are still young, you will not find a cruise line that will be a more attractive. Play areas are organised by age and kids have the opportunity to interact with their favourite Disney characters. They can also see these characters in live performances at the Walt Disney Theatre. Pirates of the Caribbean fans of all ages can also participate in a pirate-themed deck party. Adults are invited to visit the adult-only areas of the ships, including bars, Jacuzzis and swimming pools.


With a large fleet fully-equipped to entertain everyone, from the youngest to the oldest passengers on board, Norwegian Cruise Line should definitely be top of your list. While each of their ships offer somewhat different facilities, all of them have fun areas designated for children and adolescents of all ages. They include video games, karaoke, climbing walls, a jungle gym, water slides, teens-only dance floors that open at night and dramatic performances.
Norwegian also knows that getting a particularly boisterous brood together for a meal can be a really tough job, which is why they are very flexible with their dining hours. If you need more alone time with your partner, you can even hire a nanny for the day and be sure that your little ones are in good hands.


A cruise line which is as fun as its name, Carnival carries festival vibes on board their ships. A huge water park with various attractions draws kids of all ages in for a splash. They can swim in the pool or slip down water slides, as they are showered with spray from above. An outdoor cinema and a giant indoor 3D cinema ensure the evenings are just as much fun. The indoor cinema also offers special effects, allowing kids to have the same experiences as the movie characters. Little spectators are drawn into the adventure – what interactive fun!

Before You Go: Cruise Travel Insurance

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Author: Desiree Michels