Keeping your leather shoes in shapefashion

Ready for the little rules? Note then:

Get in the habit of putting the shoes in pan (or spring) after use. The best pan is virgin cedar, which in addition to absorb moisture, eliminates odors and retains the original shape of the shoe. Because it is expensive, have a pan of cedar and other plastic and do rotate between their shoes and molds.
Grease the shoes with some regularity. The grease allows the leather to maintain its flexibility without cracking, and clean it efficiently.
Brush your shoes whenever possible. Brushing prevents dust from accumulating in folds leaving those marks typical of old shoes. And Grandpa shoe, no one deserves.
After using, sprinkle flour inside shoes or even antiseptic baby powder based on cornstarch to remove moisture caused by sweating of the feet. Allow about 15 minutes and remove the excess with a cloth.
Do not use the same pair of shoes two days in a row. The footwear needs more time to eliminate the absorbed moisture after use. Barefoot after them, let them resting in the pan for at least a day.
Do not dry rain shoes that have taken extreme heat, such as the oven or drier at a maximum temperature because it splits its skin. Let it dry naturally, grease it, put it in the pan and sprinkle flour antiseptic inside.
Do not forget to check the soles of shoes. If worn, have a cobbler. Incidentally, the first sign of decay, shoemaker them. is professional in tailor made suits ,exclusive designed,full canvas made to measure suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

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