Keep Track Of the Power Consumption in Your Home with the Smart Energy Tracker from Ben Lachman

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Athens, OH (September 01, 2017) – Most homeowners know that nearly 40% of energy consumption in their home goes just as a waste. Also, for this waste, they pay nearly $547 on a yearly basis. This money and wasted energy can be saved in an effective manner with the help of the excellent home energy tracking utility called Glow.

The glow that just looks like an attractive art piece can be connected to the electricity meter in any home in the USA and Canada without any wiring. Immediately after quick installation, the utility will continue to monitor the energy consumption in real time. The glowing mechanism of the attractive unit will let the homeowner understand where the energy gets wasted, like a fan running without anyone in the home to stop the wastage.

Even, this utility will continue to send real-time reports on energy wasted when the user is away from the home. This is possible with the help of the elegant mobile application that comes along with this great utility. Both glow and the app comes with a set of attractive features.

About Glow’s Birth:
Ben Lachman was exploring software solutions to save on the energy expenses in his home. Robin, who just finished an energy monitoring project, met Ben in 2013 and they understood their instant match, which led to the birth of glow.

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Paying huge on the utility bills is one of the biggest concerns for most homeowners. But, people can keep track of where the energy gets wasted to reduce their electricity bill with the excellent home energy tracker called Glow.

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