Keep Male Organ Health in Mind When Choosing Underwear

It may be too much to say that a healthy male organ is a healthy mind, but men who truly care about their overall health do indeed want to spend some time addressing any potential male organ health concerns. That’s why they make sure their member gets plenty of appropriate exercise (which is fortunately quite enjoyable), inspect it for signs of wear and tear, treat it properly in terms of getting plenty of rest and eating right, and so on. But one area where a man might conceivably fall down? Choosing appropriate underwear for male organ health.

Underwear? Really?

Now it is true that in terms of male organ health, underwear selection ranks far below taking showers in scalding hot water, self-stimulating for hours with absolutely no lubrication, or walking naked through waist-high stems of poison ivy. But not all underwear is created equal, and sometimes what graces one’s manhood can indeed make a difference.

For example, let’s look at male organ odor – not anyone’s favorite topic, but a big issue for many men. No guy LIKES to have a fetid aroma arising from his otherwise appealing manhood, but it does happen. One reason it occurs is because a guy sweats too ferociously in the midsection area. That’s natural – there’s a lot of hair there, two layers of clothing makes it hotter, etc. But choice of underwear can make a difference. A guy with a sweaty member shouldn’t be wearing tighty-whiteys (or greeneys, or any color). The tightness only makes things hotter, adding to the sweat quotient.

But going with boxer briefs is even worse – there’s every bit as much tightness, plus more of the area is snugly covered, making it even hotter. Loose, cotton boxers are generally the better choice for the guy with an excessively-moist manhood.

And moisture issues aside, turning the heat up too high in the midsection can dampen production of male seed over time. So men who wish to be fathers may want to let things hang a little looser.

Rubbing the wrong way

On the other hand, some guys aren’t built for loose cotton boxers. They have very sensitive members which get overly excited by rubbing against loose cotton. Not only does this create embarrassing tumescent states, but it can over time cause a “rubbed raw” situation where the skin develops a dry, rashy look – and where the member may actually find it loses a degree of sensation, which is not what any man wants.

Also, some men NEED the snug fit of briefs or boxer briefs. Their member and sacks hang in such a way that it can be uncomfortable to let them have too much freedom. A snug fitting pair of briefs may be just what they need to keep comfortable.

An, of course, there’s always the jock option., Guys tend not to like jocks and athletic supporters, but for those that are athletically inclined, wearing some form of protection can be important – especially if a line-drive baseball has your manhood’s name written on it.

Choosing the right underwear is just one way that a guy can help make good male organ health choices. Another, naturally enough, is to daily apply a top notch male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the package. There are many different cremes to choose from, but take the time to find one that is going to provide the most pack to the punch – such as one with the whole complement of vitamins A, B5, C, D and E. Applied topically to the member, these vitamins can offer their benefits more directly and efficiently. Also crucial: that the crème contains a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin. One such candidate is alpha lipoic acid, which helps fight excess free radicals that can otherwise cause oxidative damage.

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Author: John Dugan