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When you immigrate to another country saving money can be very difficult especially if you are coming from a third world country. You have probably paid for an immigration lawyer, flights and are trying to save as much money just in case it takes you more than a few weeks to secure a well-paying job. We understand that this time can be very stress for new immigrants and would like to provide you with some tips that will help you save money when you first arrive.

First, choosing a place to live is the most important thing because it will be a monthly expense and choosing the wrong location can be costly. Choose an area which is safe and convenient but affordable. Start by going online and researching what sections within the city are dangerous and have a high crime rate because you can cross all these sections off your list. Next, once you find an area which has a good safety rating go visit the area to see what types of facilities are available. For example, schools, mall, bus stop, subway, hospital and even access to the main highways within the cities. Focusing on all these factors will help you save on some other things which I will be discussing later in this article. In short, look for a place which is affordable, safe and has many things close by which will definitely be a requirement.

Secondly, reduce your transportation cost and don`t buy a car because you might need one. For example, in the previous article we discussed how being close to bus stops and subways if always good when living in an area. The reason is that if things are located close by and you need to travel then you have those available to you. Hop on the subway to go downtown or to work and if you are living near a mall then most day-to-day food and grocery travel costs are cut down because the distance to travel is not that far. Again, a car is a luxury and is not necessary for survival but in order to make it easy on you, try to be located near the citys transportation system.

Finally, when you find a place then look over what utilities are necessary. Sometimes have premium digital cable might not be the right choice for you. You can just go with basic phone package and internet so that you can still communication while going online to look for work but save lots of money. I know many people who are doing quite well with no television and basic internet and remember that this is only temporary since once you secure a job you can always switch to something more suitable at that time. When you first arrive I would recommend internet so that you can browse online for information that might help you get on your feet. If you get cable than make sure it is basic cable and finally there are many VOIP phone services that will give you word wide calling for as little as $29.95.

An immigration lawyer will always be willing to help and provide there feedback so be sure to discuss some of your options if you have hired one to complete your immigration application. With an immigration lawyer you will be able to get the complete step-by-step process on what needs to be done and what resources are available to you when you arrive. They will guide you to the correct “Welcome Centers” which will typically show you what needs to be completed when you first land. This includes social security card, health card, landed immigration card and in most cases drivers license. They will also show you some credit resources that are available to you which is very important in the sense that it will help you get some credit rating established for yourself. In end the be sure to make use of all the resources that you have available to you because you will be starting a new life and this can be very difficult especially if you have not secured a job and have a family.

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