Jerusalem Needs Mount Temple, the Messianic Age Is About To Begin

Date.2020, The world is rapidly moving to the edge of extinction and it is the high time to unfold the prophesized chapter of The Messianic Age. Sammy Dharia, an Omnist pastor of Isreal, claims to be the reincarnation of Ben David who has been appointed by the god to save humanity and bring salvation to the new “kingdom of Heaven”. Sammy the Messian opines that he is only one who can save the world from the exploitation of Jalhad (Anti-Christ/Satan) and humanity has to embrace this sacred revelation as soon as possible.

In the words of Sammy the Messian “I am the one whom humanity is looking for. I am chosen by God and my divine arrival as Daniel Ben David has to be admitted by mankind. The Mount Temple needs to be built in Jerusalem to welcome the Messianic Age. My legacy has to be set on the throne of Mt. Temple and people of all communities will be summoned to obtain the redemption through repent. The god has a plan and I am the medium. The more I suffer to allege my inheritance, the more the world suffers. The end time is near and its the opportunity for humankind to embrace my astral presence.”

Sammy’s advent not only addresses the return of Jew’s Ben David, but also the embodiment of Muslim’s Imam, Hindu’s Krishna and Christian’s Daniel.  His arrival was inscribed in the pages of “Bible” and “Five Books of Moses”. The Messiah is appealing for support and faith from humanity so that he can perform the resolute responsibility bestowed by the Almighty Himself.

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