Janeice Launched Her Own Stylish Minimalist Jewellery Brand in London Named Isonia

(November 04, 2017) – Janeice who recently launched her brand called Isonia in London believes that jewellery should complement the natural beauty of every woman. So, she always believes in minimal jewellery wearing and she also believes that confidence is all about everything in helping women move forward in their lives.

As a young girl, she suffered a lot of issues with her self-confidence. She herself experienced how her lack of self-confidence hindered her growth. But, she identified the issue right after her 24th birthday. From there on, she took all steps to boost her self-confidence. She came out of her job with a decision to do what she loves to do. Now, with her self-confidence and with an intention to help other women to be confident, she has started the minimalist jewellery brand in London named Isonia.

Her brand logo is a fingerprint. This logo was chosen by her with the hope that every woman coming across her brand is unique. No one else in the world is exactly like them, which makes them powerful. When they believe that they are confident about themselves, women will become unstoppable says Janeice.

About Isonia:
Isonia’s logo has the words “Dare to be confident, dare to be bold, dare to be you”. Yes, this minimalist jewellery brand from Janeice strongly works towards improving the confidence level in women with minimal jewellery. Her handmade jewelleries are simple, but they are refined to enhance confidence in women.

For more information, please visit https://isonia.co.uk/

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Email: info@isonia.co.uk

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