Jagdeep Takk Debuts Weekly Coaching Service for Mindfulness and Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

BIRMINGHAM, UK—July 26, 2020— Jagdeep Takk, the mindfulness and mental health author, blogger and coach, today announced the debut of a new website, www.jtakk.org, which offers a weekly online coaching service to help people cope with the emotional impact of COVID-19. Takk works through a philosophy of the body of knowledge and uses the process of epigenetics to help people address their fears and obstructions. Her approach deals with how people function within their internal conditioning.

“There is no religion, higher than humanity,” Takk explained, offering insights into the philosophy that serves as the foundation of her practice. “No matter how the world and their dictatorship overshadow us, humankind will always have the final say. Humanity is a beautiful mechanism when it works with the fabric of our society…”

In Takk’s view, the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic is triggering many epigenetic syndromes. The epigenetic theory holds that mental health issues can be inherited from a parent or the atmosphere —on top of genetic heredity. Thus, Takk explores the anatomy, and probes mental health and much more. She added, “We have an emotional body, a mental body and a physical body. All these templates need to be aligned to understand the whole anatomy. The three brains will navigate.” The processes included in her weekly coaching explore the interactions of this biochemical machinery. “This is a place where we can find our happy manifestation,” she said.  “Where is that happy place inside us…? How can we get there…?”

Individuals who sign up for the weekly coaching will find many resources and engaging experiences to help them navigate their anxieties and thrive despite the privations of COVID-19 and its effects on society. Takk’s method deals with how human anatomy functions with the world around it. “This is a profoundly deep and creative exploration about our subsistence,” she noted.  “There are lots of useful tips and information that can be found about how we can psychologically structure the anatomy, to ground our emotional identity. As mental health issues are on the rise, the need to explore our internal conditionings is becoming more apparent…” She also offers a Mindful Coaching Service, Takk can work directly with Clients to help shifts fears and obstructions – with this service… Deals with traumatic experiences and specializes in helping women to find empowerment. While helping to create a social awareness within our environment…

For more information, visit www.jtakk.org



Author: Rahul Das

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