32555Is Vaping Bad For Your Lungs?

A few years ago the world was introduced to vaping devices. It was a welcomed alternative to cigarette smoking and was thought to have fewer health risks to tobacco. Many medical experts agree that the risk of one getting cancer is lower when he vapes than when using traditional cigarettes. As vaping is relatively new, the following is a comparison of the possible effects of vaping and smoking effects on the lungs.

Vaping is Smoke-Free
Regular cigarette smokers damage their lungs when they inhale smoke. Cigarette smoke contains a significant number of harmful particles including cancer causing chemicals, including over 40 carcinogenic compounds total like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and many others. These toxins impair your breathing and are attributed to damaging to your lungs and have been proven to give you lung cancer. When one vapes, nothing is being burnt. The vaping liquid is only heated to produce vapor, which is why it’s called vaporizing.

Vaping Liquid is Tobacco and Tar Free
Vaping liquids are made from flavors and ingredients such as natural vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Some vaping liquids do contain varying levels of nicotine while most do not. Nicotine is known to be addictive but is not known to cause lung damage or increase your risk of lung cancer significantly. Tobacco, the main ingredient of cigarettes produces tar which is known to cause inflammation inside the lungs. Continuous smoking eventually leads to the decay of lung tissue and causing various lung diseases.

Nicotine is Not Linked to Lung Cancer
Many people tend to assume that nicotine causes lung diseases and cancer. While it is an addictive substance that’s by no means good for you in large quantities. Reputable vaping liquids do contain it in responsible amounts. This is the main reason why cigarette smokers typically choose to switch from cigarettes to vapes in an attempt to regulate their nicotine intake and quit smoking.

As the vaping concept is still new and its long term effects unknown, the concerns raised by the public influenced the FDA to begin regulating e-cigarettes in 2016. No one knows where these regulations will take us, or what effect they will have on the industry, but no one is denying that the FDA may not have our best interests at heart due to the fact that cigarettes are still perfectly legal despite their many detrimental effects.

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