Institutes Hub Introduces ‘School’ Category, Strives to Improve Parent Awareness


New Delhi, India (July 04, 2019) – Institutes Hub has introduced a new CatID on their website that includes necessary details about various schools across the country. Previously, Institutes Hub covered career guidance, college listings, exam updates, and Frequently Asked Questions about the Indian education industry.

Officials stated that admission of a child is one of the biggest decisions for parents as school lays the foundation of the kid’s perspective, knowledge, and growth. However, the selection of schools majorly works on word of mouth due to the absence of a comprehensive and easily accessible resource that can provide a detailed description of the environment, services, and other aspects of each school.

In an attempt to bridge this gap, Institute Hub has introduced the ‘School’ CatID so as to improve the awareness of parents. The company aims to assist them in selecting the dream school for their child by improving the accessibility of information in the form of listings, facts, blogs, and editorials.

With a detailed insight about various facets of school chains, its respective branches, and standalone schools, Institute Hub intends to help parents view the educational institutions in a holistic manner. In today’s competitive world, the intellectual and emotional growth of a student hold equal priority in order to prepare him/her for the corporate world.

It is important to maintain a strong academic base, but it is imperative that the child actively participates in co-curricular activities for overall development. For this, a parent can refer to the school section on Institutes Hub and know about the school facilities and teaching pedagogy.

Furthermore, the past achievements and future initiatives of a school in academic or non-academic verticals could certainly help parents align their final choice with their envisioned future requirements of the child’s growth.

About Institutes Hub:
Institutes Hub is an online source of information dissemination about different verticals associated with Indian education. The company aims to assist and guide the corporate professionals of tomorrow to choose the most appropriate educational institution that can help them become the best version of themselves. This includes career advice, FAQs, expert talk, important exam updates, and descriptions.

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Institutes Hub is an online source of information dissemination about different verticals associated with Indian education.


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