Instagram Influencers Vegan Wives Open New Store To Spread Awareness

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Renowned Instagram influencers Vegan Wives have just published a new e-commerce store they hope will help to spread awareness about their movement. The team behind this venture uses ethically manufactured, high-quality apparel to promote a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle. Lunar Ground Shop is now in operation, and all indications suggest that it’s going to secure some pretty impressive sales figures this year. New customers are encouraged to take a look at the domain, and all of the exciting product designs available right now.

The Lunar Ground Shop is the brainchild of Vegan Wives Felicia and Mary. They began their activist journey as Instagram influencers with the intention of spreading and promoting compassion. The duo decided to expand their horizons and move into fashion to help spread their mission, and in 2018, they launched this new line of apparel. There is something for everyone, regardless of individual tastes, and Lunar Ground Shop looks set to go from strength to strength this year.

With unique and creative backgrounds, the Vegan Wives each bring their own expertise to the table. Mary has experience in fine art and design. She uses those skills to ensure Lunar Ground Shop only stocks some of the most attractive and unique designs online today. Felicia has a background in modeling, and that helps to ensure that all the apparel on the new site looks stunning. She ensures that all model photographs make the grade and show the clothing items in their best light.

Mary and Felicia hope that people without knowledge about the vegan lifestyle will learn more about the concept through their apparel designs. Regardless of whether people purchase mugs, shirts, or prints, the goal is to engage the individual and make them think. With thousands of happy customers returning to the website every single week to make additional purchases, it looks as though Lunar Ground Shop is here to stay.

Some of the most popular product categories include:

– T-Shirts
– Tank Tops
– Sweatshirts
– Beanies
– Caps
– And much more

There are also ample designs for both men and women alongside some stunning children’s items.

Anyone who would like extra information about Lunar Ground Shop or its mission just needs to visit the website today. Journalists and media representatives can use the information below to make contact, and there is always someone around during office hours to deal with correspondence. Both Mary and Felicia place emphasis on providing first-rate customer service, and so anyone with a query just needs to drop them a line. The Lunar Ground Shop aims to change hearts and minds at the same time. Take a look today!

Mary & Felicia Tidy-Coyle
Company: Lunar Ground Shop
Address: Palm Beach County, Florida
Phone: 215-760-6540
Email: [email protected]

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