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Ingress: Prime 5 Gear Essentials

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Tackling portals on a daily commute is one factor, but if you’re making every day of it, here are 5 essentials for playing Ingress. Get more data about ingress prime store

We’ll take your scanner as a offered.

1. A spare battery.

As with most games that rely heavily on continual updating and place options, Ingress devours battery life. A spare battery, no matter whether to replace or recharge your primary one, is essential for prolonged play.

2. Comfy Footwear.

Even if you’re driving from point to point, odds are you’ll must go on a hike to acquire some sneaky portals that happen to be just out of reach of roads. Comfy footwear will enable you to retain going without having having as well cranky.

3. Snacks

You could possibly have remembered a power provide for the scanner, but in the event you let yourself run low you happen to be going to come to be sluggish and less probably to go that further mile for that one final portal. If you’ve a fine day for it, why not possess a picnic (the right likelihood to charge your phone battery.)

4. Water

Hydration is essential, in particular if you’re inside a hot nation ( or Ireland in the course of a heatwave.) Dehydration can lead to headaches, precisely what you want to keep away from when looking to find out which portal to take down next.

5. Zip Lock bag.

In the event you don’t have a waterproof case for your phone, bringing a ziplock bag could be the cost-effective way to maintain playing in wet weather. You will discover far more high-priced options, for instance the kind of bags for waterproofing maps, but you will choose to ensure that your bag can accommodate your phone and further battery.

Honourable mentions: Hat to assist shade your screen on sunny days; spare cables to plug you and your group mates in to any wall sockets you uncover; phone mount if you’re driving; cellular repeater if you are going on a massive mission into a poor signal location.