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LED tubes are now the most generally used lights. They are becoming more and more popular day by day. The fluorescent lamps were usually found in the industries and homes. But now it is the right time to replace them with LEDs. Led or light emitting diode is not environmental friendly and they create light by the movement of electrons in the diode. The tube may possibly contain a huge selection of LEDs. These lights are now actually generally found in agriculture, traffic lights, commercial and motor industries.

There are numerous advantages that push the people to rely on LED tubes. A number of them are:

Many individuals who sit under fluorescent lights complain about the warmth and for that reason many are prone to frequent severe headaches. Unlike the incandescent or fluorescent lights the LEDs will not emit too much of heat. They may be placed anywhere depending on your requirement. These days they are used even on the Christmas trees.

They use 60% less energy in comparison with the incandescent bulbs. They have been more efficient in comparison with the fluorescent bulbs as well. The rationale behind less use of energy is that these tubes usually do not emit heat. On the other hand the incandescent bulbs consume more energy which can be emitted in the form of heat.

The LEDs can be purchased in various sizes and colours. The commonly available sizes are 2, 4 and 6 inches. There are also different colors of lights available. In an incandescent bulb you can choose only between pink and light green. While you could have lots of colors to choose from when you install the LED.

The LEDs have longer lifespan when compared to any other lights. They are able to remain intact for about 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Hence one can save the money that you may spend to replace the lights at regular intervals of time.

Though there are number of advantages individuals are always focused on the disadvantages that are probable to happen. Below are a few of the commonly noticed disadvantages:

Certainly one of the major difficulties that bother the consumer is its price. It is expensive when compared to the fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. The price normally varies from $50 to $100. Because the tube can exist for a long time the cost is very sensible.

Sometimes you will need to change the electrical settings to put the tube. The fluorescent bulbs require ballasts that are not needed when you use the LEDs. So, ballasts are to be removed in order to make use of the LED.

The advantages of using LED tubes tend to be more when compared with its disadvantages. It will likely be an effective and consumer friendly source of light after you begin making use of it.

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Author: Paul Johnson