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2 Min Read – Many people that have bad credit think that they have to use a buy here pay here car lot in order to obtain auto financing. This is certainly not the case, in fact you can get approved online easier than you can at a normal everyday car dealership. If car dealerships have turned you down and told you that your credit is not good enough, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you will find through alternative lending sources. Let’s talk about dealerships that offer in-house financing, shall we?

You Do Not Have To Use Buy Here Pay Here Financing!

Car lots with in-house financing are in most areas. Sometimes, these are businesses that come and go and occasionally you can find a buy here pay here car lot that has been in business for many years. Either way, these dealerships make their money by overcharging people that have bad credit. Generally speaking, these types of car lots by used cars at car auctions that normal car dealerships do not want to buy. The reason may be because of an unpopular model, high mileage or that the vehicle has damage or mechanical problems that the buy here pay here dealers can have patched. Typically, the most common scenario is a newer model, high mileage car. New car dealerships have a hard time getting anyone financed on a vehicle that has more than 75,000 miles on it. Buy here pay here dealers basically make their money selling cars that other dealers don’t want, to the people that don’t have the credit to go to a normal car dealership.

What They Won’t TellYou…

What car dealers will not tell you is that you can get a better deal on auto financing intitiating it on the Internet. It’s not the actual Internet that allows you to do this, it is that through the Internet you have access to lenders all over the entire country. There are lenders that are available that will accept people immediately after repossession, bankruptcy, foreclosure or other credit disasters. There are even car lenders that will accept people that are on a fixed income or only receiving Social Security benefits. If you have bad credit, before you go getting yourself into a car loan that is not going to be in your best interest, you should definitely check out a few sources on the Internet to see if you are able to get real financing. has listings of local car dealers that offer buy here pay here financing.

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