Improper Drainage and Home

Once you plan to landscape your yard, it is very important to pay attention to the yard drainage. Yard drainage is an issue that needs proper consideration and involves many factors that affect it such as weather conditions, type of soil, and the topography of that place. If these issues are left untouched, you may face many difficulties as a homeowner.

Some of the troubles you might face are:

Basement damage and/or flooding can happen even though you might have very well constructed cellar walls. It is a well-known fact that standing water has a tendency to flow in and flood your basement. Such an event, over a period, can lead to formation of mold and mildew and flooding of your basement. The continued flooding and eventually lead to damaging and weakening of your foundation.

Drifting of slab may take place if you have a slab foundation. Usually ground water tends to cause loosening of the slabs making it snap and lead to damaging the structure of your house.

Crawl space troubles do arise by improper drainage of surface water. Here to it can lead to mold and mildew formation as well as rotting of the supporting beams of your foundation eventually weakening your foundation.

Infestation of insects is usually outcome of swampy, dark, and wet places. Improper drainage of your yard can become the cause of mosquito and similar harmful insects. These insects easily propagate in such conditions laying billions of eggs maturing into disease-carrying insects.

Mycotoxicosis is poisoning caused by fungal and bacterial toxins or ailments related to mold. It can set off anything from simple sinus annoyance to severe breathing problems and infections requiring hospitalization. Hundreds of individuals die of such poisoning that can also harm your pets and children as well as causing depreciation in your property value.

These harmful situations caused by improper drainage can be resolved if timely measures are taken to avoid future problems either by making sure that your yard has a proper drainage or correcting it as soon as you realize that there is some problem with your yard drainage.

It is a well-known fact that the nature of water is to flow towards lower levels. Taking advantage of this fact, see to it that you have sloping landscape taking water away from the foundation of your house and flows into city sewer, culverts, ponds, streams, or gutters. You can also place catch basins or yard drains under gutter downspouts leading to an underground drainage. Incorporate patio drains to channel water towards the flowerbeds and away from the foundation. You can make sure that you connect your gutter spouts to the low-lying areas of your yard to drain water away. The other option is to install French drains that will not only help resolve drainage problem but can be an attractive addition to your yard boosting your property value.

One of the largest investments you may make is in real estate in your lifetime. Landscaping a property enhances it value and attractiveness. You should get in touch with a landscaping company to install proper drainage while offering to landscape your yard.

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