Important Signs That You Need To Consult A Shoulder Surgeon

Shoulder injuries can affect anyone, regardless of their choice of hobbies or career. The shoulder joint has a far wider motion range than any other joints in the body and as a result, there is a greater risk of damage and injury. Shoulder surgery has become increasingly commonplace, but many people feel that they can persist without treatment. However, there are a number of important signs which indicate that you need to consult with a shoulder surgeon.


This is the first and most common sign of a problem. If you are experiencing pain, localized in your shoulder, it is important to assess how and when the pain manifests. It is important to be conscious of any pain to assess whether it is progressing into acute pain. For example, does the pain affect you sleeping on one particular side? Do you feel the pain primarily in a certain motion or through the full range of movement? Do you feel the pain has become accompanied with weakness of the muscles on the same side? It is worth considering these questions, as they provide an indication that the pain is not simply an ache or soreness but may have an underlying and more severe cause.


Another important sign is your age. Obviously shoulder injuries can affect people of all ages, but generally as you grow older you will experience more wear and tear. As the shoulder joint has been used more, there is a greater strain placed on the tendons and muscles of the joint. These can weaken and compromise the joint, which increases the need for surgery.

Propensity for Certain Activities:

A good indicator of a potential problem is if you have a propensity for certain activities. Shoulder surgery may become necessary if your normal daily activities involve movements with your arms over your head. Frequent movements which require your arms high are more likely to cause wear and tear in the rotators cuff. This increases the likelihood of an injury occurring. For example, baseball players are prone to this type of injury, as their profession requires frequent actions with overhead motions. It is worth considering your normal daily activities to focus on the specific movements you frequently use. If possible, try to minimize these motions to reduce injury risk.

Restricted Motion:

If, over the course of time, you have noticed that you have restricted motion in one or both of your shoulders, then this is an indicator of a potential problem. As the joint suffers wear and tear, it can place additional strain on the muscles and tendons which can suffer damage. If you struggle to move your shoulder joint in a full range of motion, then it is probably a good idea to consult a shoulder surgeon.

Shoulder procedures and surgeries are becoming very common. There is no point in suffering from issues when a shoulder surgeon could help you. If you experience pain or restricted movement, are aged fifty or older and frequently move your joint in overhead motions, then you may be a possible candidate for a surgical procedure. For more information, please visit: Best Orthopedic Surgeons Phoenix

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