Ideas on How To Use Swarovski Beads and Pearl Beads

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Simple beads can be used on jewelry or clothes to make the products look more alluring. Swarovski beads are sparkling crystals that come in all designs and colors. From afar, you can mistake them for precious gems. They are cut exceptionally to reflect light in a magnificent way. They are beautiful to behold and they have found their way to bridal adornments among other fashion garments.

On the other hand, pearl beads are gorgeous elements that have been the favorite of jewelry makers. They come in different sizes and colors. Both of these pearl and Swarovski beads are very affordable and they are available in online stores and in jewelry shops near you. When they are packed you would not think they cannot make anything meaningful. However, if you bead them together, they can make pendants, bracelets and necklaces. They can also add a sparkle to your dress.

Ways in which you can use Swarovski beads and Pearl beads

Make a lovely homemade bracelet

Looking at your jewelry box the components of that closet might have caused you a fortune. Women want to own more than one piece of jewelry. They want a pearl beads necklace to match with the yellow dress and others for each outfit. Therefore, they will need to use more on accessories. To trim down the expenses on jewelry make a habit of making casual bracelets at home. It is a simple and an exciting activity. You only require a wire and clasp. Both the Swarovski beads and pearl beads have a groove at the center where you draw in the wire. If you alternate the beads, may be two for one or just any way you prefer they will result into a nice bracelet and you can wear it to any occasion.

Create a Pendant for your Necklace

Some of the necklaces in the market do not carry a pendant, while others have repelling ones. You can make your own that will match with your necklace. Bead together the Swarovski beads and the pearl beads into any shape such as triangular or trapezoid and attach them to your chain or necklace with a jump ring. An attractive pendant will keep off people from concentrating on your chest when you are wearing a low neck top or blouse.

Make Classy Earrings

Nobody can avoid gazing at a necklace that is made of Swarovski beads, especially if the crystals have a diamond shape. Did you know that you can combine the Austrian crystals with pearls in an earring? This how you do it ensure that you have stainless steel wire that can be folded easily, one pearl and a diamond shaped crystal which have been designed with a hook. Into the hook of the crystal attach a jump ring. Then enter the piece of wire through the tiny hole in the pearl beads and fold the end. To the folded end attach the jump ring carrying the crystal. Finally, fold the other end into S-shape. Your earring is now ready for wear.

Incorporate beads on to your bridal gown

Bridal gowns are things you wear once on the most important day of any woman’s life. Create good memories with yours by having Swarovski beads sewn into the top part of the dress. This will leave it sparkling. In addition, your veil cannot be complete without some lovely white pearl beads.

Having spent years considering how to make the most attractive necklaces with Swarovski beads, the author has mastered a skill for combining different types of pearl beads to make the most beautiful necklaces.

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