Iconic Bridges to Cross in Your Rental Car

The meeting of land, sea and sky: there’s a reason why bridges have captivated the minds of humans since the beginning of time. No matter what country you’re from or where decide to travel to, there are guaranteed to be many awe-inspiring overpasses for you to drive across during your visit.

Here are our favourite bridges from around the world to cross in your rental car on your next getaway.

Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Film fanatics should not miss this spectacular structure, recognisable from blockbuster hits like I Am Legend, The Avengers and Godzilla. As the first site in the world to use steel-wire suspension technology and one of the oldest overpasses in the US, the Brooklyn Bridge has linked New York’s Manhattan and Brooklyn neighbourhoods since its opening in 1883. Visitors can drive, cycle or walk across this modern marvel.

Stari Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Diving fans may recognise this iconic overpass as a tour stop on Red Bull’s Diving World Series. In fact, this bridge has a reputation for diving, with an annual competition each summer and a local tradition that involves young men jumping from the structure into the frigid waters beneath (something only experienced divers should attempt). This icon was reopened in 2004 after being destroyed in the area’s war in 1993, but the original foundation dates back to 1566.

Millau Viaduct, France

Standing at an impressive 343-meters high, this bridge is the tallest in the world (and spanning a length of one-and-a-half miles, this is no short car ride across either!). Here, you can park your rental to check out the viewing area or even dine at the Michelin-star restaurant in the visitor centre.

Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

You’ll have to park your vehicle and walk this pedestrian-only beauty, but it’s worth it. Built over the Vltava River and constructed between 1357 and sometime at the start of the fifteenth century, this Gothic masterpiece is one of Prague’s top tourist attractions. The walkway is decorated with 30 different statues in the baroque style, and connects the iconic Prague Castle to the Old Town.

Before You Go

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No matter where your travels take you, there is sure to be some magnificent bridges for you to visit during your next getaway. Don’t forget your camera to snap some photos of the iconic monuments as you drive across!


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