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Preparing your kids for school admission is never easy. It is important that you carefully consider a lot of things before you take the final step to send them off to school. As a parent, it is very necessary that you know how to prepare your kids for nursery school in Gurgaon?

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You need to follow certain guidelines for this. Below are some suggestions that you can follow:

Talk about the school

Before doing anything to prepare your kids for a nursery, start talking about the school first of all. Tell them good things about schools such as play areas, toys, and games. If your kids were in the kindergarten school in Gurgaon earlier, this step is not crucial. But, if it is their first time to school, make sure to give a brief idea about how things going to happen there.

Make frequent visits to the school

Take your kids along when you do admissions, documentation, or any other things in the school. This will allow your kids to become familiar with the school. Let them roam around and see explore the premise adequately. This will surely help them to get their fear down before starting the regular schooling routine.

Take care of the food

Proper nutrition is crucial if you want your kids to study property and grow in all other important domains. Along with this, teach them to eat their food on their own. You should also take care to break their habits of skipping breakfast and lunches. These habits are surely going to impact their school life. So, make sure to indulge your kids in healthy eating habits before sending them to a nursery school.

Purchase important items

Take your kids together and go out for shopping. Buy books, bags, bottles, etc. to make them happy and prepared to go to school. Discuss with your kids and purchase the items as per their color preferences. Also, buy comfortable dresses. A good nursery or pre school in Gurgaon will surely let you know about the important items to buy. So, follow their guidelines thoroughly.

Teach crucial skills

Although most of the nursery school has special staffs to take care of food and hygiene for your kids. But, teach your kids to be confident whenever they have to go to the bathroom. When your kid is 4 to 5 years, it is the time when your kids will learn important skills which are going to help them throughout their lives.


Tell your kids about road and transportation safety. If you are choosing the school transportation services, they will surely come along with the assistants. But, teach your kids to sit properly inside the vehicles. Also, you should tell them not to take their heads or arms out of the windows. These are some basic skills which you must consider telling your kids before they start their nurseries.


As a parent, it is surely going to be a new milestone in your lives too. Make sure to stay calm if you want to get everything done properly. Tell your kids to wake up early and stay away from the smartphones, which is one of the major distractions these days. Along with that, make sure to find a good school with good facilities like Beansprouts Pre-School.


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