How To Help A Retired Soldier

Retired soldiers have a lot of needs. The needs can be physical, financial, psychological or family issues. Defence charity activities and organizations have been helping in addressing these issues.

Physical Issues

Retired soldiers may be physically weak because of old age, illness or injuries sustained during service. When they are weak, they cannot be able to provide for their families. Another thing is that these soldiers have used their physical strength for the better part of their lives serving the nation. Defence charity organizations have programs that help retired soldiers live a normal life despite physical inadequacies and help their families cope with these injuries.

Financial Issues

As they serve, soldiers often lack ample time to plan for their finances. The problem is aggravated if the soldiers do not have families who can take charge of the finances. As a result, when they retire, they have nothing to help them live a good life. Help during such a time is absolutely necessary. Another issue regarding finances is the ease of accessing retirement benefits. As they settle, retired soldiers should receive ample support. There are many ways in which retired soldiers can cope with these financial needs.

Psychological Matters

Retired soldiers have a lot of memories that keep on haunting them. A majority of them suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as other mental conditions. Others find it hard to share their experiences and, thus, shut down their feelings. They find it hard to live well with family members and other people in the society. The attitudes of partners, children and the society towards soldiers contribute to the problem. Defence charity organizations or agencies provide free counselling to retired soldiers.

Family Issues

Many times, partners of retired soldiers find it hard to cope with the soldiers’ lifestyle. The problem is aggravated when soldiers return home. The family has to pick up the pieces from where they left off. Other times, retired soldiers find it hard to adapt to the life of living with the family. They feel like they have lost much time and many opportunities.

Statistics have shown that retired soldiers are usually more involved in family break-ups than civilians. This is caused by the culture shock that faces the soldiers, that prevents them from functioning normally in the family atmosphere. Financial difficulties often add stress to the situations.

Charity agencies are very importance since they are the only bodies mandated to receive contributions from pertinent stakeholders to assist serving and ex-members of the Defence Force of Australia and their households. They offer their services free of charge. You can assist by contacting them.

The donations or contributions you make are used to transform the lives of retired solders. For more interesting information, you can visit the following URL: Defence charity.

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