How to have sport and sweat in a healthy way?

From the introduction of the website,there are three points on this topic. First is about the scope which means you need all swearing during the sport; Second is about the amount of sweat, in other words, you should feel slightly damp on your back not exude sweat; Third is about the time, which also means a kind of sustainable state. In condition of the previous two points, the longer the better. The website is the professional article online site for the advice, health news, info for reducing weight, pregnancy, organic meals, cancer and much more.

Many doctors and patients have already aware of this that the sport is a mode to get normal sweating. I also agree with this point of view. But in fact, there are many errors in the actual operations. For example, the sport which target of “higher, faster, stronger” has nothing to do with health. Other high – confrontational and high-intensity exercise such as playing basketball, badminton, race and so on has nothing to do with health either. The truth from the how-health that many professional athletes plagued with injuries and disease after they retired is enough to prove this.

It is necessary to put forward a new concept from the which has been named health exercise. Health exercise, in short, is the exercise which takes the long-term health as the ultimate goal. In communication with some patient, we often talk about the word ‘low-intensity prolonged exercise that is just talk about the health exercise.

It is necessary to take treatment into life because labor is easier for us than exercise.

Since the sports can be divided into healthy sports and competitive sports the labor can also be divided into the diseases conditions labor and competitive labor accordingly. Many years ago, I had compared the difference between sports and labor and summarized in four points: First is the range of motion; second is difference of purposes; third is about different mood; fourth is the presence or absence of rhythm.

The first point: the movement range of the labor is limited to a certain part of the body while the movement range of sport is systemic.

The second point: the purpose of the labor is done as soon as possible to get remuneration while the sport aimed at exercise and at same time, slowly enjoy the process.

The third point: When you do the labor of some work you generally feel the pressure while most people do exercise with a kind of relaxed and pleasant mood.

The fourth point: Very few people will pay attention to rhythm when they are in labor. But movement of sport in most cases reflects the beauty and rhythm of physical.

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