How to Encourage a dude to be attracted you

Perhaps you have been curious about how to get a gentlemen to like you? Well, there are numerous good methods to raise your probability. To begin with you want to be observed so he would love to get to know you better.

Below is a list of:

7 methods about how to get a man to like you


This can relate to any individual, not just the person you want. A smile warms you up and is an awesome ice breaker. A simple smile is all that can be needed if you are looking to be approachable. If you would like to get a guy to like you, don’t scowl at him. A smile is a great start to say “Hey, I’m welcoming!”

Make an effort with your physical appearance

This doesn’t necessarily mean drop a good deal of fat and not feel comfortable. It pretty much means always keep thoroughly clean and tidy, maybe put on something nice once in a while. If not for him, do it for yourself. It’s acknowledged that people who feel great about what they look like feel extra self-assured. It’s perfect if you simply want to catch someone’s eye, too.

Mention common interests

There is nothing that gets people more excited than sharing something in common to talk about and do together. If you possibly can come across a guy who shares common pursuits with you, you will find more to talk about and be less timid. Search for people from areas where you will find like- minded people. Searching for “Geek love”? the internet can work wonders for people who share the same geeky hobbies!
Additionally try health groups, activity groups, philosophy dinners, there are loads of opportunities to discover people if you have a look around. There’s guaranteed to be one that you’re enthusiastic about.

Don’t act “too” attracted

Desperation is an immense turn off. If you act too interested in them, the guy will believe “Hey, I could easily get her if I wanted to, why don’t I just not value that”. You don’t want to seem too uninterested, simply because that will also give off the message that you are not interested in him. Don’t frantically jump at the occasion where you can do things with him. Think it over, see if you’re doing anything else that day, return to him later on. He will see more value in someone he genuinely has to make an effort with to obtain.

Be happy

We all have our down times, but if you’re generally a happy person, people will like you. Try and find some time out on a daily basis to do a couple of things you enjoy, to pick your frame of mind up. Reward yourself if you’ve worked hard. Give an individual a cuddle. Take pleasure in the small things in your life. Happiness is individual, so go and get involved in something which enables you to be happy!

Be proud of who you are

Noone is perfect. Wish to know how to get a guy to like you? Like yourself. If you can’t find anything to like about yourself, then that should be a goal to do. Play up your good parts and don’t be so hard on yourself when you make a mistake. Imagine all the wonderful stuff you have done, and put happy memories on top of the bad ones. You’re a terrific person, but not until you start to believe it and live by it is another person going to fall for the facade.

Don’t be clingy

Everyone likes their own space. Whenever you give someone their own space, both people would probably be grateful for the precious time that they’re together more. It’s healthy to have separate passions as well as shared ones. By allowing a guy who you want to like you some rope, he will appreciate your judgment more.

To sum up, to get the finest chance of getting a guy to like you, follow the seven steps on how to get a guy to like you!!

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