How to Drink Coffee Like a Turk

Turkish coffee is famous all over the world, and for good reason. Though you can sample it almost anywhere, the best way to get an authentic experience of how this famous delicacy is made, served and even used to tell your fortune is to take a trip to Turkey and sample the beverage for yourself.

As soon as you arrive at your holiday destination, you’re sure to be itching to head out to a Turkish coffee shop to sample the bitter treat. You’ll find that in more traditional outlets, the brew is strong, sweet and dark, as this is how the Turkish people generally prefer it.

How It’s Made

Traditionally, the local coffee is made using a cezve, a small, copper-handled pot. A cup of water equal to the size of the drink you want at the end of the process is poured into the pot, followed by two full teaspoons of coffee and optional sugar. The sugar must always be added to the cezve in order to enhance the taste – it is never added once the drink has been cooked.

Once mixture reaches boiling point, the foam is left to rise right to the top of the pot until it is about to spill over – this will give the final product plenty of frothiness (in Turkey, a foamless coffee would be considered unacceptable).

One the drink is finished, it is served with a glass of water and occasionally some Turkish delight as a sweet accompaniment.

How It’s Served

Usually, the famous beverage is served in small cups similar in size to espresso cups. When sampling it for the first time, remember that it must be enjoyed slowly. Take small sips and work your way down to the bottom of the cup until you get to the grounds which aren’t drinkable.

Predict Your Future

There is a strong belief in Turkey that the shapes in your coffee predict your future. To see for yourself, finish your beverage and cover the cup with the saucer. Then, make a wish and flip it upside down before letting it cool and revealing the shapes left behind by the grounds. Allegedly, these shapes will symbolise certain life events and are believed by locals to represent the past and future.

How to Get There

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There’s no doubt that coffee is an extremely important aspect of the Turkish way of life. The intricate production process, unusual drinking and serving customs and the belief that the grounds can tell your future are all parts of the coffee culture that you’re sure to experience on your next getaway.

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