Do you know how to choose Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts to go with your tie?

Of course,white color ones are the most formal shirts,white shirts go with every suit and tie.Keep in mind,just for this typical feature,I suggest do not wear brown suit or sport jacket,because it just does not look good.The former one is extremely formal,while the latter one seems too informal.

Comparing with white shirts,I prefer blue ones,which will be much more flattering for the skin.

A french blue polo shirt always will be proper for the majority.It is also my favorite.

If you want to look handsome,a darker one will not be the right one,it also does not seem so professional.

Whenever you wear a french blue shirt,no matter what brand it is,may be Lacoste Polo Shirts,there are a lot of choices for the ties.

For example,you can match it with a red tie,it generally looks great.Also you can get a yellow one,also looks great.Of course,if you are ready to attend a formal meeting,a red one seem better.If you know more about these knowledges.

Then we talk about the stripe shirt,because some of them can be very good as business dress shirt.

Different stripes will make you look totally different.Some will make you feel organized and fashionable.

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