How Securing Entrances Can Protect Your Business

Securing entrances of any business is very important. By securing an entrance you prevent half the security issues from arising itself. You can prevent any undesired person from entering the premises of your business. It can even help in preventing any item or material which is prohibited within the premises from getting through. By installing swipe card access systems at entrances only authorized persons can enter the premises and reduces security issues from arising. Swipe card access systems can even be installed on entrances of different sections of the premises. This ensures that none of the unauthorized persons can enter the section where they are not given access permission. By securing all the entrances you can ensure that your business is protected from unwanted disturbances from outside. Unnecessary entries disturb the concentration of people working and may even cause people to get irritated and reduce their productivity. A swipe card access system eliminates this problem, thus maintaining a conducive work environment.

How to Secure Entrances

To secure entrances you can install not only a CCTV system but swipe card access systems, metal detectors or any other type of detector as per the requirements of your business. Of course one can employ security personnel to assess visitors but sometimes it is just not enough.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras help in monitoring the entrance for any incidents. It is always good to have video recordings or images with a time stamp to ascertain the involvement of someone in any reported incident.

Swipe Card Access Systems

A swipe card access system is made up of two components; a card reader and a swipe card. A swipe card basically contains the information about the person holding the card. When this card is swiped at the card reader, the reader processes the information in the card. A card reader first off checks whether the card holder is allowed to access the premises and if so, then it logs that card. Once it is insured that the card holds necessary clearance the entrance is opened. In the case where the card is not allowed to access the premises, the entrance remains locked and the security personnel are notified of the attempted access.

Swipe card access systems allow the workers to easily enter the premises and get to their work. Visitors can temporarily be given access cards upon entering the lobby and signing in.


Besides installing a swipe card access system you can also install various kinds of detectors. This ensures that no prohibited items are carried within the premises. It can even help in preventing any of the products from being smuggled out of the premises as well.

Securing the entrances results in preventing many unnecessary incidents from happening. If your business is safe from unnecessary outside interference, you can expect higher productivity from your workers. A swipe card access system simplifies the process of authorization and eliminates unauthorized entries. Not only does it improve the security of businesses but also helps in tracking the attendance of the workers. You will have a database of who accessed which entrances and when.

Securing entrances thus not only protects from outside interference but also helps in keeping records of employees. More information on this topic can be viewed on the following site:

Swipe card access systems


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