How Much A Hair Transplant

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The most asked question in the field of hair transplantation which is the most active area of health tourism, is how much a hair transplant surgery. Of course the answer of this question is important for everyone, but it is important to know that you are more important than the price you paid for your health.

Will you get good results when you buy a cheap health service or will you also lose your existing hair while waiting for a lot of hair and an aesthetic image.

It may be the last mistake to make a decision with just the price without finding the actual answers to all these questions. Before asking how much a hair transplant question, you have to ask the following questions and investigate the price afterwards.

Before these questions, we warn patients wishing to have hair transplant surgery for being Beware of Unlicensed Hair Clinic. Around 400 hair transplant clinic were found according to the research of Ministry of Health on the internet advertisement, but there are only 50-60 licenced doctor and hair transplant clinic and hospital.

It has been determined that the average number of unlicensed clinics is more than 300 after this research, and that those who operate or work at these clinics are not even physicians or have no training in hair transplantation or human health.

Turkey’s Health Ministry is trying to struggle against these unlicenced clinics, but challenging is really getting difficult since these unlicensed clinics are not operated in a certain place and address.

Before choosing a hair transplant clinic, it is absolutely necessary to question whether the clinician has the license and whether the doctor who will do the surgery has experience in hair transplantation and whether the physician has made the hair transplant procedure himself. Hair transplantation cannot be made under doctor’s control or under the name of a doctor. The hair transplantation is a medical procedure that must be applied by the doctor himself.

Also, you cannot see much of the hair transplant before after pictures in these unlicensed clinics. You can only see lots of before pictures because they have only for daily study purposes, except this the after photos are usually very few or none because they market almost all hair transplants as 5000 grafts or much more. Many grafts come in many donor alopecia cases and because of the very special and expensive solutions required to transplant 5000 grafts and numbers, almost all grafts have a re-growth rate of 1500 grafts is revitalizing. For this reason, there is little or no before after photo in these illegal clinics.

In the scientific studies conducted by International society’s hair transplant surgery (ISHRS),it is emphasized that in a season on average 2500-3000 grafts can be removed from the donor area in a healthy manner and can be transplanted. And these studies warns about both donor alepocria and regrowth rate will be very low above these graft numbers,.

If the surgery is not done by a doctor, hair transplant side effects may happen. these effects may be brief;

-Donor Alopecia: It is the formation of bald areas as full size or varisized and this is an irreversible and unchangeable side effect.

-Unsuccesfull result; Generally, patients who are deceived with the hope of large have high expectation. And this high expectation of patients are being disappointed with a very low regrowth rate (5000 grafts).

– General illness that cannot be predicted: Because hair transplantation is not performed by licensed doctors, general health problems which are unwanted or very difficult to treat can arise. This is why the doctor should do these procedures and take precautions for general health problems.

In summary, before you ask ‘ How much is a hair transplant ‘ question, be sure you meet with the right doctor or clinic.

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